Quando Quando: Marshall, Round 8, Summer

Candi and Lane Marshall are 31, Rhett Marshall is 6, Vera Marshall is 5, Alexa Marshall is 2

Narrated by Lane Marshall

This month’s family project was fixing up the yard.  Since the winter snow has finally melted, we’re now faced with the task of removing all of the leaves left over from winter and fall.  We managed to make it pretty fun for the kids, they like doing “Big kid work” anyway, so it wasn’t a lost cause.

Well, it wasn’t a lost cause until the kids discovered that they could jump into the piles of leaves.  Candi and I didn’t mind though, we like seeing the kids play together and get along.  It helps us feel like successful parents.

Work’s been pretty uneventful lately.  Candi hasn’t really had any dire cases, so usually most mornings you can just find her in her office, drinking coffee or reading a magazine.

I’ve been a little bit more busy, as tax season is starting up again soon, and I have to make sure everyone’s finances are in order.  We’re expecting a pretty good revenue this fall, and I’m trying to estimate how much we’ll be getting so I can help Mayor Gates map out a budget.

This week was intern week at the office, so a few of the juniors from AU came down to do some temp work in the office, just to see how it’s run and all.  I got to be a mentor to Hannah Lordin, as she hopes to go into the same field as I am in when she graduates.

I tried to be as helpful as possible, and gave her a lot of tips to working in this business.

She seemed to catch on pretty quickly, and soon she was typing away at a computer in her own cubicle.  I have to say, she seems like a hard worker, and I’d be glad if she came to work here at SMG.

The other cubicle workers seemed to really like her as well, and she was included in all of their office conversations, which I’m sure she found nice.

I wasn’t in charge of some of the other interns, but I did catch a couple “loosing focus” in the psychologist’s office.  I almost didn’t recognize the boy as Micah Gates, Logan’s son.  He and his girlfriend were pretty mortified and promised not to do it again.  I couldn’t help but laugh at that, remembering how me and Candi used to do the same thing.

Candi usually spends a good amount of time reading in her office as well.  I usually pop in to see her during the day or on my lunch break and see her reading about some horrific case in a law book.  I can’t help but laugh at some of her facial expressions that she makes when reading those sometimes though.

One day this week was bring your child to work day, and the office seemed to be over-run with children.  I never guessed that all of the office children were so close in age, it’s pretty neat actually.

The kids mostly entertained themselves with the fish tank.

They really liked that fish tank in the lobby.

As a treat, we decided to take the kids on a family vacation to Marco Island.  Rhett and Vera were super excited, they were running around the house in their bathing suits for days!

And they even insisted on taking their own suitcases out to the van when we left for the airport.

We left Vera in Ardania with the Gates’, since she’s really too little to enjoy a trip to the beach anyway.  She probably didn’t even notice we were gone, since she discovered one of the Gates’ toys, the shape box.

After a five hour plane flight, we arrived at out hotel on Marco Island.  I must admit, that even though I felt a little uncertain about taking this trip, the moment we arrived there, I was captivated.  The view from our rooms were wonderful, you could see straight out to the beach!

The kids jumped into the water straight away, the swimming lessons they got last summer really seem to have paid off!  Vera absolutely loves the water, she’s like a little fish in it!

Rhett and I were quick to follow, although I really didn’t fancy getting hit by the surf coming in.  Rhett loved  it, he was laughing and giggling the whole time.

Candi got in too, and I must say, after having three kids, her body still looks great!   And to think that she was worried about how she’d look in a bathing suit!

As a little treat for the kids,  Candi bought us all some island wear, so we could really get into the spirit of the vacation.

Rhett absolutely loved his pirate outfit,

And Vera really liked her new clothes too.

We went out to dinner that night, and had a delicious meal.  Everyone tried some of the island food.  Well, actually, everyone except for Vera.  She ordered a cheese omlette.  I was mortified, but Candi just laughed it off.  Kids will be kids I guess.

Rhett and Vera had a separate room from Candi and I, and they really seemed to enjoy it, although I think part of that might have been because their room had it’s own TV.

By the end of the trip, Candi and I felt more relaxed than we have in a long time.  It was nice to have a little time to unwind together, and we got some great memories with the kids.

The kids were pretty tired out from all of their adventures though.  Vera fell asleep in the lobby couches a few times before we returned!


  • Wow, this was a super long update wasn’t it!  I took a crapload of pictures, but I ended up weeding a lot of stuff out!
  • The Marshall’s rolled the  ROS family trip/vacation, so they went to Marco Island (a.k.a. BV Twikki Island)
  • How’d you like the shots of the office building?  I’m kind of following Carla’s lead and trying to build a workplace for all of the careers that my sims are in, so that was the office building of SMG, which is home to the Business, Law, Journalism, and Psychology careers.  If you’d like, I’ll put up a lot tour of it so you can see the whole thing.
  • And because I’m a sucker for these two:  How cute are they?  I love the look on Micah’s face “Oh yeah, look what I got.”  Haha 😛
  • Title comes from Quando Quando, of which there are many variations, so feel free to YouTube it and pick the one you like!

6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    antsims3 said,

    Hey Tessa! Im so sorry I haven’t been reading lately, I was on vacation and life was hectic. But I’m back!

    What a cute chapter. I love that they went on vacation. Really cute. It seems they had such a great family vacation! I like the office, your really brave to build all those work buildings for all your sims! Micah’s face is priceless!

    I have a new chapter up! Generation 5!


    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Oh that’s fine, I hope you had a good time in Florida! That’s where I live actually, so I’ve been hitting up the beach a little bit too 😛 Haha, I love Micah, he’s so goofy 😀 Coolio, I will check it out right now!

  2. 3

    Carla said,

    Ha, big kid work! Yeah…they’ll grow out of that, so take advantage while you can, I say.

    How is Hannah already a junior? Time flies, seriously! Glad she’s getting some work done, which is more than I can say for Micah and Ellissen! LOL.

    I love your office too, it looks wonderful. I saw your Twitter update last night right before I went to bed and I went “whuh? SMG?” But if you want to do a lot tour, I’d love to see it.

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Lol, yes, I think they will! I know! Gosh, time really does fly. Haha, yes, those two are always getting distracted by each-other! That was all autonomous what they did though, which was pretty cute. Micah kept following Ellissen around trying to serenade her, I couldn’t help but “aww!”

  3. 5

    xcin100x said,

    I really liekd this chapter it was so realistic. I like how the whole family seems to get along nicely. Your offices look really good and professional too! Once again great job! Hey ive got the voting posted up on my legacy for the generation 3 heiress, so if youd like u can go vote ! 🙂

  4. 6

    maisie said,

    The kids are really growing up. They are adorable all looking at the fish in the tank. I’m a sucker for families doing yardwork, so those are probably my favorite pictures. Lucky Candi that sims seem to bounce back after babies with minimal to no effort. She’ll look great until she’s a senior, lucky sims.

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