Longest Road: Uni, Round 8, Summer

Micah Gates, Ellissen Pitziati, Timithy Bachele, Hannah Lordin, Miriam Regin, and Tyler Ferena are all 20

Narrated by Hannah Lordin

Lately all Elli and Micah have been doing is studying!  Elli enrolled them in this program for a fast track graduation, and even though she seems to love it, Micah seems to be freaking out a little bit.  But seriously, you’d think he’d have learned a lot of this stuff in Biology already!

Feeling a little inspired by them I guess, I’ve been trying to study a lot harder as well.  I won’t qualify for that early graduation program, because I’m not nearly skilled enough, nor do I have a 3.8 or higher GPA, but I’d still like to improve my grades a bit, maybe get on the Dean’s list for once…

Miriam’s idea of studying is a little different.  I swear, she and that professor of hers have something going on, although I haven’t been able to prove anything yet.

But it’s not like she doesn’t have a few other conquests.  She picked this guy up at some bar on campus, and now he just walks by our dorm all day until someone invites him in.  Which Miriam does quite often!

Although she’d probably do better not to greet him out on the street when Tyler is returning from his classes!  The poor boy was heartbroken!

This seemed to put off the guy a little bit, but Miriam seemed completely fine with that, as she turned her gaze to the poor passerby walking down the street.

I’m not really sure what they’re doing here, but knowing Miriam, it probably wasn’t anything I’d be interested in anyways.

Tim and I, are, I’m happy to say, very monogamous, and enjoying it too!  Lately he’s been much more romantic, which I must say,  I enjoy, although probably engaging in romantics in the middle of the common room with our creepy cafeteria worker walking by wasn’t the greatest idea of his…

But even though our relationship seems stronger than ever, sometimes we just get these awkward silences when we’re talking, almost like he’s holding something back from me or something.  If he is, I wish he’d just tell me, I’d be fine with anything he wants to say, but it just hurts all the more that he seems to be afraid to tell me something/

Apparently, finally coming to his senses, Tyler has been seeing someone new, someone normal in fact!  Her name is Adrianne, and she works as a nurse at the hospital.  In fact, she seems quite nice.  They met at some party that Miriam dragged Tyler too, but it seems that they both really hit it off.  Tyler’s asked her out a few times now, although when he asked her out for breakfast, I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t quite what she was expecting!

They make full use of the living room as well, and quite a few times I’ve walked by to see the two of them cuddling there, or even dancing, which is odd since there’s no music player in that room!

I think the dancing without music thing is catching.  The next day I caught Micah and Elli doing the same thing on a study break!  I swear, sometimes I think I’m the only normal one!

Case in point:  Miriam’s two pickups, who are apparently bff’s or something eating our lunch in our dorm cafeteria!!!!!!!!

I had a chat with her about it the next day, but I was just completely lost with it.  How does she equate inviting in two random men to good grades?  I just don’t understand that girl!

Well, all of Elli and Micah’s studying paid off, they qualified for early graduation, and they took full advantage of it!  Elli is so funny though, the morning of her graduation, she was still typing away at something!

I’m going to miss having her around an awful lot, but I’m so glad that she was able to graduate early, this will do wonders for her career for sure!  She and Micah are planning on moving in together in a small apartment duplex in Calinloch, so at least they won’t be too far away, only a half an hour drive.



Micah- 3.9  (Graduated Cum Laude)

Ellissen- 4.0 (Graduated Summa Cum Laude)

Miriam- 3.0

Tyler- 3.1

Hannah- 3.4

Timothy- 3.5

Okay, time for the graduation spam:

The happy couple together 🙂

Micah, who graduated with a 3.9 GPA in Political Science.

And Ellissen, who graduated with a 4.0 in Psychology!

Also, some notes on the early graduation program:

This is just something I’m playing around with, but basically what it boils down to is that students who maintain a 3.8-4.0 GPA throughout their first five semesters, display a want for early graduation (read: have lots of wants for skilling, dean’s list, term paper, assignments…), and who have a minimum of 7 skill points in each skill can qualify for early graduation.


5 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    I like the idea of an early graduation program.

  2. 3

    Carla said,

    Cool idea for early graduation! I’ve only had one Sim who graduated early – Joanna. She fit your criteria but I really only did it so I could send her on holiday without worrying about being able to play the people left in her dorm. 😀

  3. 5

    xcin100x said,

    Hey Tessa, sorry for not commenting in such a long time, but I am now back 🙂 This was such a nice post you did! I like how you were original about the whole graduation, great job!

    I’ve got a new chapter 🙂

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