Our Happy, Quiet Life: Gates 2, Round 8, Fall

Micah Gates and Ellissen Pitziati are 20

Narrated by Ellissen Pitziati

Micah and I are settling in very nicely I think.  We just slid out of our old college habits and straight into our “Adult Habits”… although it’s still so weird to think of ourselves as Adults… I mean, we just graduated from college for goodness sakes!  All of our friends are still trying to complete their Junior Years, and here we are, graduated, with a house and jobs.

Micah seems really happy though, and I’m glad we went through with the early graduation program, it’s allowed us to get a real head-start on careers as well.  I’ve started work as a psychologist already, and Micah’s been accepted onto the Fighting Llama’s team, although only as a bench-warmer.    I’m proud of him though, and I think he’s satisfied, since at least it’s not being a water-boy!

We’re renting a nice townhouse in Calinloch, and I must admit, I do love the privacy it gives us.  Micah and I can be so much more amorous, and no one’s there to complain!  And there’s also no one making their business publicly aware either, which is a definite plus.

To be honest, I was a little worried that moving in with Micah would make our romance fizzle out, I mean, honestly, we’ve only ever dated each-other, and we’ve been together since he and I were 15, and that’s a long time to keep someone tied down.  However, if anything, this has gotten us even closer.  We’re still trying to plan the wedding, hopefully for sometime next summer, and that’s been taking up a lot of time, but Micah always makes time to spend with just the two of us, he’s a real sweetheart.

And of course, we make time to cuddle… a lot.  I don’t know what I did to catch this man, but I honestly feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world when I’m with him.

I do worry about leaving Micah at home alone on his days off from Football practice… He usually doesn’t tend to eat very well, and honestly, he’s not exactly the neatest eater to begin with either…

Work’s been going well too.  My first clients were two twins, Stewart and Tate Fief.  Their parents are going through a nasty breakup at the moment, and both parents were worried about how it was effecting the twins.

The youngest, Stewart, seemed pretty shy and quiet, but after I brought him into the toy room, he seemed to relax a lot.  He’s not really sure what to think of his parent’s situation right now, but he did confide in me that he hears them fighting a lot.

I told him that maybe he should try talking to his parents or to his older sister to see how they feel too, and he agreed.  After that we pretty much just hung out until the end of his time slot.

Tate was a lot more outgoing and chatty.  He headed straight for the blocks, and began building block towers with them while we talked.  He seemed a little bit more moody than his brother, who strikes me as the more quite type. Tate didn’t really want to talk about his parents though, so we mostly chatted about school and how he’s enjoying kindergarten.

At the end of the day we had a board meeting, and I must say, I felt pretty good.  Everyone seems to be welcoming me in nicely, although I’m sure that it helps that one of my co-workers is Micah’s father!

So far though, everyone’s been really nice, and I can’t wait to establish better relationships with everyone!

Of course, the highlight of my day is coming home to Micah and snuggling up close to him as we sleep.  To me, there’s nothing better in the world!


  • So, yay!  I finally posted!  Sorry about that hiatus, I was sick, then  I got grounded, then there was a giant band competition, but I finally posted!  So, woohoo!
  • I’m skipping both school updates this round because both schools are super messed up at the moment, so I substituted with Micah and Elli!  Because really, let’s be honest, these two are just plain adorable!
  • Also, random funny:
  • A townie love story perhaps?  I made them selectable and moved them in together, hopefully they’ll have babies, but I’ll let ACR decide that!  😉

10 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Carla said,

    Aw, Micah and Elli really are sweet. I’m glad their adult life is going so well.

    I loved the scenes with Elli at work. You reminded me to add a toy box or something to my psychologist’s office at the hospital. I have no room for an awesome toy room but I should add a little something for kids.

    I have two townie love stories going on in my dorm right now! I’m considering moving them in as playable NPCs at the end of the round, but we’ll see.

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Thanks! You’re hospital is amazing anyways, you don’t need to feel bad about not adding anything! Oh, you should do that! I love seeing the townie babies, some of them turn out really interesting!

  2. 3

    xcin100x said,

    Yay, happy your back .. With a great update! I’m happy to see the romance between Micah and Elli is coming along nicely. I wonder what will happen next ! 🙂

    I’ve got new chapters posted up on my legacy ! 🙂

  3. 5

    S said,

    Good to see you back! 🙂 I’m glad Micah and Elli are doing well. Elli seems like she’ll make a great psychologist.

  4. 7

    maisie said,

    Glad you’re back to posting!

    Micah and Elli are a sweet couple, can’t wait for them to have a baby! haha!

  5. 9

    I really like Ellissen, she has such a sweet personality. Her and Micah are extra cute together. I said the same thing about Julio and Danielle, and they didn’t turn out so well. I am going to knock on wood and cross my fingers that Ellissen and Micah last.

    Speaking of the Fief family. I am glad to see the kids in counseling.

  6. 10

    antsims3 said,

    Hey Tessa! I’m glad your back. I needed to read more of your wonderful Ardania sims! Micah and Elli are just an adorable couple. I am glad that they’re adult life is going extremely well after the bumpy roads they had in college. Great update! 😀

    I have a new update on the Halliwell Legacy! I’d be great if you can check it out!


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