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Fall Birthdays: Round 8

There are a lot of birthdays this Fall, so lets get started!

Turning one this fall is Rachel Andelique (Barrett).

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It’s That Birthday Time Of Year: Fall Birthdays, Round 7

As the fall of 1997 comes around, we find Kalista and Avram Sills in their second trimester, and are thankfully expecting only one this time.

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Making A New Start: Andelique, Round 7

Katherine Andelique is 26

Narrated by Katherine Andelique

On my last doctor’s visit, my doctor suggested that I start a little pregnancy group, so I could meet other people around town and get more comfortable with my pregnancy.  I took her suggest, and invited called the other two pregnant people in town, a Ms. Visenz, and a Mrs. Gates.  I told them that they didn’t need to dress up or anything, so Ms. Visenz came in pajama’s, which was fine with me, since that’s all I seem to wear now a days.

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Updated Summer Birthdays, Round 7

Lol, I forgot to do the pregnant people in the last birthday update, so here you go now!

Katherine Andelique is into her third trimester now, and can’t wait for her baby to be born.  She’s moved into a small, but nice house in Calinloch, gotten a new job at Ardania High School, and decorated a nursery.  All that she needs now is for this baby to be born!

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