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Longest Road: Uni, Round 8, Summer

Micah Gates, Ellissen Pitziati, Timithy Bachele, Hannah Lordin, Miriam Regin, and Tyler Ferena are all 20

Narrated by Hannah Lordin

Lately all Elli and Micah have been doing is studying!  Elli enrolled them in this program for a fast track graduation, and even though she seems to love it, Micah seems to be freaking out a little bit.  But seriously, you’d think he’d have learned a lot of this stuff in Biology already!

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A Little Piece of Gold: Uni, Round 7, Summer

Micah Gates, Timithy Bachele, Tyler Ferena, Ellissen Pitziati, Miriam Regin, and Hannah Lordin are 19

Narrated by Ellissen Pitziati

This semester, instead of just tutoring Micah, I’ve been tutoring Hannah and Tim.  Although, the two people who really need tutoring are too busy shacking up in every available spot possible.

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Speeding Along: Sills (Uni 1), Round 6, Spring

Avram and Kalista Sills are 20, Allisson, Peter, and Lila Sills are 1

It would appear that the toddler-eating-block epidemic is still at large, as shown by Allisson.

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Freshman Explosion: Ardania University, Round 6, Summer

Tyler Ferena, Micah Gates, Ellissen Pitziati, Hannah Lordin, Timithy Bachele, and Miriam Regin are all 18

Freshman year started out for this bunch with… well, with a bang.  And some flames.  It also happened repeatedly throughout the rest of the year.

Micah and Ellissen were going quite strong, stopping to make out while putting away their things.

Ellissen immediately made herself the most studious Freshman, completing her term paper a mere few weeks into the class.  Her boyfriend soon followed, although heavily tutored by her.

Timithy Bachele kept having to get up early in the morning to train.  He could often be spotted out in the middle of the street, jumping rope or doing push-ups or sit-ups.  Miriam thought it was hot.

In an effort to gain more knowledge about his major of Political Science, Micah challenged Tyler to a chess game.  Micah took it quite seriously, even before they put the pieces on the board.

Tyler wasn’t so sure about this whole “chess” thing, but he tried to intimidate Micah.  It didn’t work so well for him.

Hannah attempted to befriend Miriam, even though she was a bit wary of her.  Miriam brushed her off, and the next day tried to flirt with Hannah’s boyfriend.  It didn’t work.  Neither did flirting with Micah.

She managed to score with Tyler though.

Although quite a few people thought it was only because she paraded around the dorm in that skanky little nightdress of hers.

Timithy serenaded Hannah a few times, he still had amazing talent, and whatever he played was beautiful.

Hannah spent a lot of time thinking about things, like her mother, and her friends, and Timithy.

She decides to live for the moment though, and she and Timithy decide to share a dorm room.

Ellissen tutors Tyler and Micah, because without it, Tyler probably wouldn’t have passed Freshman year.  Micah just does it because he loves Ellissen.

He tells her it too, all the time.  She’s a bashful little thing, but she can’t help but smile when he tells her things like this.

He is so big and strong, yet he’s tender with her.

He’s one of the toughest men on the football team, yet he’s so loving and caring when he tells her he loves her.

And when she tells him she’s not ready, he respects her all the more for it, he doesn’t push her towards anything she doesn’t want to do.  And since that’s all she was waiting for, she gives herself to him, body and soul.

And all is well in the world.


Although, other people use that couch you know!


  • Sorry that this is up so late, I spent a lot of time today building a new Elementary School.  It looks amazing, for something I’ve built at least, and I’m pretty proud of it 🙂
  • Also, another apology, I know this post really wasn’t up to par, especially compared to the last one, but I just couldn’t get anything to flow, sorry 😦
  • Freshman grades:  Ellissen: 4.0  Micah: 4.0  Tyler: 3.7  Miriam: 3.3  Hannah: 3.3  Timithy:  3.5

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New Beginnings: Ardania University, Round 5, Fall

Avram Sills and Kalista Ferena are 19

So, maybe she should have told him sooner, but they were having so much fun…

Avram was working on an old car that he was trying to fix up.

She was getting really good at baking pies,

And their life was so nice.

But she couldn’t help but wonder how he didn’t notice the dirty toilets,

How she slept so much lately,

How she was hungry all the time,

How she kept calling her parents, her brother,

How at night, when he snuggled up close to her, he couldn’t feel the swelling of her belly… well, maybe he just thought she was fat, but she still couldn’t see how he didn’t see.

So she told him she was pregnant.  And he was very shocked.

“You- you do want it, don’t you?”

He did, and he proved it to her, giving her back rubs,

Cleaning the shower,

And cuddling her close to him when she really wanted it.


  • Sorry this took so long, I was having a problem with the Gates family, so that’s why I skipped them 😦
  • Also, continuing my crazy jacked up multiple births, they’re expecting TRIPLETS.  *Sigh*
  • Aren’t they sweet? The Sills Babies are due in Winter, as Kalista was already pregnant in Summer.
  • Once again, sorry for the lateness!!

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Round 4 Summary/Round 5 Update/Mini Update: Uni

First up: Round 4 Summary:

Births: Three (Tate and Stewart Fief, and Nicholas Reynolds-Testy)

Breakups: Taja Reynolds and Lave Testy (Well, technically they weren’t together, but….)

Engagements: None

Marriages: None

Okay, now that that’s done, Round 5 Update!

Summer: Lordin, Gates, Straight

Fall: Uni, Marslin 2, Marshall

Winter: Feif, Reynolds, Visenz

Spring:  Marslin 1, Ferena

And now that that’s done:  MINI UPDATE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kalista Ferena and Avram Sills are 19

He dragged her to a park, the air starting to warm with the coming of summer, her hair whipping with the wind.  He pulled her close, trying to remember this moment in time forever, for always.

When he bent down on one knee, she still had no idea.  She was so sweet that way, so innocent, so undemanding.  It was why he did.

“Kalista Ferena, will you marry me?”  He asked, incredibly nervous, hands shaking as he held out the box he’d fished from inside his pocket.  She was shocked, and utterly surprised.

She said yes.

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Letters to Home: Ardania University, Round 4

The following is a letter from Kalista Ferena to her parents.

Avram Sills is 18, Kalista Ferena is 18

Hi Mom and Pa, I’ve got to say, Ardania University is amazing.  I’m glad that I was able to gain those three scholarships, because those will definitely help with the tuition this year.  I’ve got some pretty nice room-mates, although they’re not all the smartest.

And I know you’ll be proud of me, because just the other day, I registered for my major.  I chose my major to be Psychology, because I believe that will aid me greatly with my aspirations to become a teacher.

I’ve been making some friends as well.  I went down to the campus hangout, and I got into a really great conversation with some other freshmen.

Please don’t worry though, I’ve been keeping up with my studies well.  The money you spent me went straight to getting a desk, and now I am the envy of my dormitory.

And now, of course, I know this is what you’ve really been wondering about, my love life.  I’m sure Tyler and Madin have already told you, but I believe it will aid you greatly to hear from the source.  He lives in my dorm, and he’s very sweet.

His name is Avram Sills, and he’s quite the charmer.  Every time I see him, my heart goes all a-flutter.

He’s very kind, and even though I didn’t want to, I fell for him.

He’s very humorous, the other day, he randomly started dancing with me, in the middle of the dorm.  He’s a very good dancer though!

But Avram is very gentle and comforting too.  He says that he doesn’t want to rush me into anything, and he’s content to wait for me.

We’re both currently holding  4.0’s, and I was ever so excited when I found that out.

Thank you so much for allowing me to come here,

Your loving daughter,


  • I thought that this post was very sweet, and helped you see a little into Kalista’s  personality, especially since you haven’t heard much about her yet.
  • Originally I was going to hook her up with one of her dormies, but their noses were just too horrible for me, so in the end I plopped in Avram, and lo and behold, all hail the mighty ACR.
  • They have a strong two bolts, but I don’t remember the exact score, so I’ll try to get that the next time I play them.
  • And don’t you just love the first picture (The household picture)?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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