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Fall Birthdays: Round 8

There are a lot of birthdays this Fall, so lets get started!

Turning one this fall is Rachel Andelique (Barrett).

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Distraction: Barrett, Round 7, Fall

Michael Barret is 27

It’s so much quieter in his apartment now that Katherine is gone, but he’s gotten used to it. She’s been gone almost a year anyways.

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How to Describe: Barrett, Round 6, Winter

Michael Barrett and Katherine Andelique are 26

He doesn’t exactly know how to explain their relationship.  It’s not really dating, but it’s certainly more than just a friendship.

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Learning From Windows: Barrett, Round 4, Spring

Michael Barrett and Katherine Andelique are 24

Michael and Katherine found the Reynolds residence easily enough.  She’d moved from her previous residence, but it wasn’t really that hard to find her.

They greeted her, and she seemed nice enough, but there was something about her… an air of sadness.

When they asked her the first question, where was the man called Lave Testy living, and why had she moved, she gave them an angry look.

“I don’t know where Lave went, and quite frankly, I don’t care.  He left me, alone and by myself, because he was involved in some shady business, and I moved because I didn’t want him to come back.  If it was just me, I’d probably be still in that apartment.  It was nice, I liked it, but now I have to look out not only for myself, but for my baby.  And I don’t want him to hurt my baby.”

“You mentioned a baby… who is the father?”

“Lave.  Figures.”  she let out a short, kind of bark laugh

“I’d prefer him not to know, I don’t want to lose Nicky.”

“You also mentioned “shady business”.  Please explain.”  Katherine added.

“I-I don’t know.  There was a man in a striped t-shirt, he was blonde, had a beard, and wore a beanie.  There was also a fat, red-haired lady.  Lots of conversations whispered.  Something about money and a bank.”

“Thank you for your help, Mrs. Reynolds.”  Taja sighed and looked down at the table.  She didn’t really care what this was about, she just wanted them to leave.

As they walked away, Michael looked back and stared through the window.  What he saw was a Taja much different than the one they had interviewed.  She held her son Nicholas, or as she called him, Nicky, tightly, stroking his head.  She lightly planted a kiss on his head, and Michael saw her lips move.

“I won’t let them take you, Nicky.”

Michael smiled wryly.  You could learn a lot from windows.


  • Teehee, slipped in some Nicky spam.  I like him 😀
  • As you can see, this furthered the Lave Testy investigation, and you can probably pick up on a little more of what he did now.

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Scoping out the Town: Barrett, Round 3

Michael Barrett is 23, Katherine Andelique

Katherine smiled a smug smile as she walked up to the apartment of CoOp 1.  Hired by the City of Ardania to keep the city safe, she was now stuck with some guy named “Michael Barrett”.  It wasn’t a bad job, at least it paid.  Unfortunately, she had to wear this to work, and act as the cities only police officer (well, Michael was doing that too, so technically she wasn’t the only one).

Later on in the day, Michael arrived home.  Walking into his bedroom to change out of the horrible clothes he was forced to wear, he was in for quite the shock.

“Good afternoon Michael.  It’s been a long day.”

“What in the name of- who the hell are you!”  He replied.  He had no idea who this woman was, and she was sitting on his bed?

“Oh, relax.  My name’s Katherine.  I’m the city of Ardania’s CoOp 2.  We’re on the same team now, and I believe we’re roomies.  I assume the mayor informed you about this?”  She said, snickering.

“What- oh, yes.”

” Nice little feature you’ve got here.”  Katherine replied, pressing a button, causing the bed to light up.  Michael didn’t blush.

“It vibrates too.”  He replied cooly.

“That’s all very nice, I suppose.  But really, it’s good to see you can keep your cool.  It’s going to be fun being your partner.”  She whispered into his ear, before skipping away.  Michael felt chills all over his body, but not in a bad way.  This woman… she was sexy, secure, in control, and working with him.  Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all… especially if she kept wearing clothes like that…

Over the next few months, Katherine took to walking around the house in her underwear, something Michael didn’t entirely mind.  He knew she was trying to tantalize him… but why?  Lately she’d been up late in the night, doing research on a shifty character in town.

“Come on Michael, we’ve got to do some investigating.”  She told him one morning.  Michael stopped mid lift.  What the hell was she wearing?  He was sure as heck not getting into anything near that.  They were just investigating, not going into witness protection.

But apparently, women can get a man to do anything.

At the store, they pretended to be a dating couple, something Michael thoroughly enjoyed.

But what they saw… was disturbing.  Lave Testy, their suspect, was controlling, manipulative, vulgar, and a bit possessive.  The only people he had working for him were woman, and obviously that was for one intent only.  His history… they were pretty sure of… his intent… they hoped he wouldn’t repeat anything….

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