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Adia: Fief, Round 8, Summer

Julio Fief is 28, Carla Fief is 11, Tate and Stewart Fief are 4

Narrated by Carla Fief

Rascal grew up this year.  He grew up a lot actually.  It stinks, everyone seems to be growing except for me.  I’m the shortest person in my class!  I’m taller than Tate and Stewart, but that’s only because they’re four!

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It’s That Birthday Time of Year: Winter Birthdays, Round 7

Both of their parents are gone, so Carla is the only one there to watch her little brother’s celebrate their first birthday’s.

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Decisions : Fief, Round 7, Fall

Julio Fief is 27, Danielle Fief is 26, Carla Fief is 9, Stewart and Tate Fief are 3

Lately, their parents have been fighting so much that Carla will take Stewart and Tate into her room, turn on her stereo, and play the violin loud enough that they can’t hear them fight.  She knows what’s happening, but her brother’s don’t deserve to know what’s happening.  She’s not quite sure that they’d understand it anyways.

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School Days: Ardania Public Elementary School, Round 7

Teachers are John Ralston, Kalista Sills, and Amber Bachele

Carla Fief, Madin Ferena, Marco Visenz, Laura Visenz, and Sam Ralston are 9, Rhett Marshall, Clifton Gates, Chesna Gates, Lizzie Ralston, Maven Regin, and Lise Ferena are 5, Vera Marshall and Reece Straight are 4

The morning starts as normal, and once the bell rings, the students are ushered into their separate classrooms.

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I Can Feel The Change: Fief, Round 6, Spring

Julio Fief is 26, Danielle Fief is 25, Carla Fief is 8, Stewart and Tate Fief are 2

*Warning, this one might be a bit sad for some of you*

Carla runs over to her father one day and gives him a hug.

“Daddy, you love me, right?”  She asks.

“Well, of course I love you Carla, why wouldn’t I?”  He replies, confused.

“How much do you love me?”  She asks, ignoring his question.

“Well, I love you as much as I love Stewart, and as much as I love Tate, and as much as I love Danielle.”  He replies.

“Okay.”  Carla says, before she runs out of the room, leaving Julio greatly confused.

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School Days: Ardania Elementary School, Round 6

Teachers are John Ralston and Amber Bachele

Primary Class Students are:  Madin Ferena, Carla Fief, Sam Ralston, Laura Visenz, and Marco Visenz, all age 8

Pre-Primary Class Students are:  Chesna Gates, Clifton Gates, Rhett Marshall, Lizzie Ralston, Lise Ferena, and Maven Regin, all age 4

Narrated by Principal John Ralston

The day started out pretty good, in my pre-primary class my daughter Lizzie seemed to be making friends with Chesna Gates.

I couldn’t believe how well my class behaved, I didn’t even have to do anything!  I read them a book at the beginning, and then set them off to play.

The girls all gravitated to the activity table, where they drew pictures.  I’m hoping if they ever finish one, I can hang them up on the walls around the classroom.

Meanwhile, the boys went to the other activity table, where they proceeded to build with the blocks.  I’m glad that they all seem to be making friends, I don’t really have any loners in this class.

In the primary class, Ms. Bachele got lucky this year, all of the children in her class are the same age, eight.

My son Sam seemed to be having some problems,

But Ms. Bachele helps every student, making sure that they all understand the lesson.

After lunch, it was time for recess.  I was glad to see that the older students were making an effort to talk to the younger children.  Marco is a very nice person, and he made Rhett feel very welcome.

All of the children enjoyed research, but unfortunately, it started to rain, cutting their recess short.

Ms. Bachele’s class then went to the arts room.  Laura and Sam weren’t that bad on the piano’s, but I’m just glad that I don’t have to listen to them, poor Ms. Bachele says that her ears ring by the time that class is over.

Madin Ferena gave singing a try out as well, he really belted it out, the whole pre-primary class could hear.

However, Ms. Bachele is graced with the presence of Carla Fief, a real violin prodigy.  Ms. Bachele just couldn’t stop talking about her afterwards, I’ve resolved to try to make an effort to hear her one day, because I’ve heard she’s nothing short of amazing.

Overall, Ms. Bachele seems pleased with her job though, and I hope she stays on, she’s a marvelous teacher.

At the end of the day the students are all smiling, although from a great day, or from the chance to read, I’m not sure.


  • Teehee, I like my new school, it’s colorful!
  • The Ralston’s are a new family I created, just so I could have another teacher, and Amber Bachele is Timithy Bachele (Hannah Lordin’s boyfriend).
  • School was good, all of the kids are making friends with each-other, and no one has failed yet!

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Feeling Lost: Fief, Round 5, Winter

Julio Fief is 25, Danielle Fief is 24, Carla Fief is 7, and Tate and Stewart Fief are 1

Narrated by Danielle Fief

As part of my Masters program, I’m supposed to perform check ups on people, and my friend Candi volunteered to help me.  She’s about four months pregnant now, and she and her husband are very excited.  This will be their third, and they can’t wait.

We talked for a little bit about their family, how their son Rhett and daughter Vera are.

Candi is just brimming with excitement, she’s always wanted children, and now she’s going to have three.  I’m happy with my three as well, I think of Carla as my daughter, and of course Tate and Stewart are my biological sons.

I felt her stomach, making sure everything was okay, I also ran some tests.  Turns out that Lane and Candi are going to be expecting another little girl.

They left with a smile on their face, and I got another good mark for my Masters.

Meanwhile, the boys had been entertaining themselves upstairs.  They’re so cute.

Julio has been doing a pretty good job with them, trying to teach them words and how to walk and such.  I’m glad that I have him around.

Carla’s becoming quite the little girl as well, she’s always on the phone with her friend Laura, talking about her violin and what not.  I’m just thankful that she still thinks that boys have cooties.

Julio also tries to make sure Carla does her homework, although he does get a bit side-tracked.  I do love him, but lately, I’ve been noticing his shortcomings more.  We don’t argue or anything, but I think we can both feel that we’re sort of drifting apart.  We both know it, but we don’t want to hurt the children, so I don’t think we’ll make any big decisions right now.  The children are unsuspecting, and Julio and I are still friends.  I just don’t know where this is heading right now.


  • Sorry if you notice some stuff from fall.  I noticed that I forgot to change the seasons half-way through, and I really didn’t feel like re-taking the pictures and such.
  • Julio and Danielle… they don’t actually have any chemistry, and the whole time I played them, they didn’t roll up any wants towards each-other, or ACR each-other.  At all.
  • Also, check out my new website:  Over Every Mountain It’s a sim version of a story I wrote.  It will probably change from the story at some points, but for now, it’s pretty much sticking to it.  I’d love it if you’d check it out, comments, as always, are welcome 😛

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