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Longest Road: Uni, Round 8, Summer

Micah Gates, Ellissen Pitziati, Timithy Bachele, Hannah Lordin, Miriam Regin, and Tyler Ferena are all 20

Narrated by Hannah Lordin

Lately all Elli and Micah have been doing is studying!  Elli enrolled them in this program for a fast track graduation, and even though she seems to love it, Micah seems to be freaking out a little bit.  But seriously, you’d think he’d have learned a lot of this stuff in Biology already!

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It’s That Birthday Time of Year: Winter Birthdays, Round 7

Both of their parents are gone, so Carla is the only one there to watch her little brother’s celebrate their first birthday’s.

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School Days: Ardania Public Elementary School, Round 7

Teachers are John Ralston, Kalista Sills, and Amber Bachele

Carla Fief, Madin Ferena, Marco Visenz, Laura Visenz, and Sam Ralston are 9, Rhett Marshall, Clifton Gates, Chesna Gates, Lizzie Ralston, Maven Regin, and Lise Ferena are 5, Vera Marshall and Reece Straight are 4

The morning starts as normal, and once the bell rings, the students are ushered into their separate classrooms.

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A Little Piece of Gold: Uni, Round 7, Summer

Micah Gates, Timithy Bachele, Tyler Ferena, Ellissen Pitziati, Miriam Regin, and Hannah Lordin are 19

Narrated by Ellissen Pitziati

This semester, instead of just tutoring Micah, I’ve been tutoring Hannah and Tim.  Although, the two people who really need tutoring are too busy shacking up in every available spot possible.

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Tour of Ardania

So, basically, this is just because I really really didn’t want to do the Straight update right now, but I wanted to put something up, so: Ta-da!  Tour of Ardania, next I’ll do the University, and then my new sister neighborhood Calinloch, where a few of the families are already living.

First, there’s Ardania as a whole.  I went a bit tree crazy, as you can see 🙂

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Friends and Family: Ferena, Round 6, Winter

Phillip and Marietta Ferena are 42, Madin Ferena is 8, Lise Ferena is 4, and Alana and Elizabeth Ferena are 3 months old.

(Kalista and Avram Sills are 20, Allisson Sills, Peter Sills, Lila Sills, and Ross Reynolds are 1, Nicholas Reynolds is 2, and Taja Reynolds is 26)

Narrated by Marietta Ferena

With so many children, our house is always a mess. I can’t count the number of times a day I find myself having to clean a counter, or a toilet, or making a bed.

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It’s That Birthday Time of Year: Winter Birthdays, Round 6

At their house on campus, Kalista and Avram prepare for a private birthday celebration for their triplets’ first birthdays.

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