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A Little Bit of Paradise: Greene, Round 3

Nora Straight is 26, Alon Straight is 32

The hotel, of course, is fabulous.  Alon spared no expense on their honeymoon.  A beach behind them, a little porch, it’s a little bit of paradise.

Alon checks in, and gives Nora some time to unpack their things.  They didn’t really bring that much, they hope to get some souvenirs.

“And now, M’lady, it’s time for some shopping!”  Alon says.  He sure knows the words to a woman’s heart.

They buy some “island friendly” clothes.

Nora buys some gifts.

And Alon tries to buy some jewelry.  He tries, but fails.  Fails miserably.

And then, Alon sees it.  The big Kahuna, the most amazing thing ever.  A FIRE DANCER!!!! Needless to say, he forks out the money for lessons.

And then he performs.  Nora claps, and he tries not to burn himself.  At this, he also fails.  Miserably.

Later that night, they cuddle up to each other, enjoying their time together.  They are happy.

“Nora, my darling, I love you more than anything.”  He says to her.

“And I you.”

Later that night after… stuff… they curl up next to each other to sleep.

Alon wakes at a slight touch from her, and he wraps his arms around her.  Truly a little bit of paradise.


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Positively Giddy: Greene, Round 3

Nora Greene is 26, Alon Straight is 32

This morning, Alon tends to the plants.  Nora needs all the time she can get, because today is THE BIG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! and boy is she nervous.

For once, Nora has put her hair up differently, and is actually wearing makeup.  She can feel butterflies in her stomach, but these are good ones.  She knows that she loves Alon, and that this is the best decision of her life.

Alon has lots of friends, and they all crowd onto the lot for the wedding.  They decided to do a home wedding instead of a larger one, because their wedding was a little delayed.

They meet under the alter, and at once, all of the nervousness goes away.  It’s just her and Alon, together, and it seems as if there is no one else in the world.

They exchange vows, and rings, but these are only physical things.  They are connected deeper than that.

Carla Fief gives a jump for joy, they’re married!

And Nora can’t help but feel a little unstable, especially after the kiss Alon just gave her!


LOL!  I had no idea Alon had that many friends!  The lot almost crashed, so that’s why it’s kind of short, I couldn’t move the screen very well.  And of course, I just had to sneak some Carla spam in there 😛  Mr. and Mrs. Straight should be having a good time now, and I’m hoping for some handsome offspring 😛  It took forty minutes for me to use SimPE to change Alon’s eyes so they could have kids, so they’d better be good looking!  (I can’t figure out how to set my eyes to default, but if anyone had some tips that’d be nice 😀 )  They’ll be on vacation next update!  (Which will be pretty soon)

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Whirlwind: Greene: Round 1

Nora Greene is 24

Nora broke the ground evenly with her hoe.  This was what she loved.  This was why she was here.  To open up her own organic grocery store, so that others could enjoy the kind of life she did too.

She tended to the trees as well, everything had to be good for the judging.

And soon they did, the garden club.  She held her breath as they scrutinized every square inch of her garden, but in the end, she was accepted.  It was a great day for her.

To celebrate, she invited over some neighbors.

“Nora, you need to meet someone.  And fast.  You don’t want to be one of those kooks who talks to her plants do you?”  Sinjin asked.

“Um… no?”

“Good answer.”  Sinjin replied.

“Plus, if she meets someone, she can wooho!”  Li added, waggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Nora cringed back.

“W-wooho?  Not on a first date?  What if you got a WTD?”

“A wooho transmitted disease?  Get real Nora, you know that those don’t exist.  They’re just made up to scare teenagers into chastity!”

And such went the dinner.  Needless to say, it was awkward.

Things were going good, except for an odd fat lady who kept stealing her newspaper.

Her garden was doing well too, although having to weed it in the middle of the night wasn’t always her favorite thing to do.

One morning though, as she went to check the mail, she met someone.

They talked for hours, getting to know each other.  He was really nice, and they even liked the same stuff, although his horribly dyed hair wasn’t really doing anything for Nora.

“Look, Nora, I had a really nice time today… would you mind if I came back tomorrow?”  He asked her.

The smile on her face said it all.

Before he left, he gave her a friendly hug.  It might have been Nora’s imagination, but it seemed to her like he held it a little bit longer than normal… but she didn’t really mind.

The next day he was back, and their whirlwind courtship began.  He even undyed his hair for her, to show her how serious he was.

It was the most wonderful thing she had ever experienced.  They courted like this for a year, until finally…

She said yes.

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