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Longest Road: Uni, Round 8, Summer

Micah Gates, Ellissen Pitziati, Timithy Bachele, Hannah Lordin, Miriam Regin, and Tyler Ferena are all 20

Narrated by Hannah Lordin

Lately all Elli and Micah have been doing is studying!  Elli enrolled them in this program for a fast track graduation, and even though she seems to love it, Micah seems to be freaking out a little bit.  But seriously, you’d think he’d have learned a lot of this stuff in Biology already!

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A Little Piece of Gold: Uni, Round 7, Summer

Micah Gates, Timithy Bachele, Tyler Ferena, Ellissen Pitziati, Miriam Regin, and Hannah Lordin are 19

Narrated by Ellissen Pitziati

This semester, instead of just tutoring Micah, I’ve been tutoring Hannah and Tim.  Although, the two people who really need tutoring are too busy shacking up in every available spot possible.

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Freshman Explosion: Ardania University, Round 6, Summer

Tyler Ferena, Micah Gates, Ellissen Pitziati, Hannah Lordin, Timithy Bachele, and Miriam Regin are all 18

Freshman year started out for this bunch with… well, with a bang.  And some flames.  It also happened repeatedly throughout the rest of the year.

Micah and Ellissen were going quite strong, stopping to make out while putting away their things.

Ellissen immediately made herself the most studious Freshman, completing her term paper a mere few weeks into the class.  Her boyfriend soon followed, although heavily tutored by her.

Timithy Bachele kept having to get up early in the morning to train.  He could often be spotted out in the middle of the street, jumping rope or doing push-ups or sit-ups.  Miriam thought it was hot.

In an effort to gain more knowledge about his major of Political Science, Micah challenged Tyler to a chess game.  Micah took it quite seriously, even before they put the pieces on the board.

Tyler wasn’t so sure about this whole “chess” thing, but he tried to intimidate Micah.  It didn’t work so well for him.

Hannah attempted to befriend Miriam, even though she was a bit wary of her.  Miriam brushed her off, and the next day tried to flirt with Hannah’s boyfriend.  It didn’t work.  Neither did flirting with Micah.

She managed to score with Tyler though.

Although quite a few people thought it was only because she paraded around the dorm in that skanky little nightdress of hers.

Timithy serenaded Hannah a few times, he still had amazing talent, and whatever he played was beautiful.

Hannah spent a lot of time thinking about things, like her mother, and her friends, and Timithy.

She decides to live for the moment though, and she and Timithy decide to share a dorm room.

Ellissen tutors Tyler and Micah, because without it, Tyler probably wouldn’t have passed Freshman year.  Micah just does it because he loves Ellissen.

He tells her it too, all the time.  She’s a bashful little thing, but she can’t help but smile when he tells her things like this.

He is so big and strong, yet he’s tender with her.

He’s one of the toughest men on the football team, yet he’s so loving and caring when he tells her he loves her.

And when she tells him she’s not ready, he respects her all the more for it, he doesn’t push her towards anything she doesn’t want to do.  And since that’s all she was waiting for, she gives herself to him, body and soul.

And all is well in the world.


Although, other people use that couch you know!


  • Sorry that this is up so late, I spent a lot of time today building a new Elementary School.  It looks amazing, for something I’ve built at least, and I’m pretty proud of it 🙂
  • Also, another apology, I know this post really wasn’t up to par, especially compared to the last one, but I just couldn’t get anything to flow, sorry 😦
  • Freshman grades:  Ellissen: 4.0  Micah: 4.0  Tyler: 3.7  Miriam: 3.3  Hannah: 3.3  Timithy:  3.5

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It’s That Birthday Time of Year: Birthdays, Summer, Round 6

At the Marshall house, Rhett is celebrating his fourth birthday.

He is rewarded with a new, space themed room,

And is just in time to see his mother giving birth.  No one really knows why she’s screaming, she’s a pro at this by now!

Baby Alexa Marshall is born!

Townie Maven Regin celebrates his fourth birthday,

As does Clifton Gates,

And his twin sister, Chesna.

Finishing up the four year old birthdays is Lise Ferena.

Who’s mother is expecting twins.

At the Reynolds home, a pregnant Taja Reynolds welcomes new adopted son, Louis.

Over at the University, Miriam Regin celebrates her 18th birthday,

As does Tyler Ferena,

Hannah Lordin,

Micah Gates,

His girlfriend, Ellissen Pitziati,

And Hannah’s militaristicaly made over boyfriend, Timithy Bachele.


Also:  I figured out how to do ROS, thanks to much help from Carla at Sullivan Sims!  So, here are my rolls (Four)

1.  Sinks break:  Break all sinks in home.

2.  Blind date rampage:  Go on 1 Blind Date.

3.  Family feud:  Change your interests opposite in every category to one family member and then have a fight.

4.  Make it happen:  Pursue your biggest want, you can do it if you try!

Well, I’m not really that worried about #1 and 4, but #2 and 3…. they’re going to suck…


  • Holy crap, that’s a lot of birthdays!!!  I decided that everyone who was born before my season ranking would have a summer birthday… bad, bad idea Tessa.
  • Timithy is in AU (Ardania University, I know, clever right?  😛  )
  • I love Ellissen, she’s so cute, right?
  • All of the four year olds are sooooo adorable, I think I might die!!!!

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Sweetness: Lordin, Round 5, Summer

Hannah Lordin is 17

She went over to his house a lot now, they would just hang out, talk.  He wanted to be an architect.  She wanted to learn about being a CEO, something where you’d have financial stability.

He liked holding her hand.  He didn’t care that he had a stupid grin on his face, so did she.  She like holding his hand too.  It was soft, warm, comforting.

He knew that her eyes were green, her hair naturally red, and that she hated being left alone.  He knew that when he held her in his arms she felt safe, she felt loved.

She knew that he played guitar like no one she’d ever seen, and that he had taught himself.  She knew that his favorite color was red, his hair was naturally that color, and his favorite food was cheese pizza.

He knew that when he kissed her, his arm holding her back tenderly, that he was the luckiest man on Earth.  He knew that she was meant for him, that they were a perfect match.  He knew that he was utterly in love with her.

And as she watched him play, as he smiled at her, as he made her stomach flutter, she knew that he was meant for her.  She knew that she was utterly in love with him.  He knew she was perfect.  She knew he was perfect.  They knew this, and they loved each other.  They were meant to be, fated.  They were love.


  • AAAAHHHH!  I just love these two!  They’re so adorable!
  • Timithy’s really gotten through to Hannah, she’s changed her whole look, she’s softer now.
  • And did I mention how adorable they are?

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Everything She Wanted: Lordin, Winter, Round 4

Hannah Lordin is 16

She stared into the mirror, not really believing what she saw.  Surely that wasn’t her.  Hannah Lordin wouldn’t be dressing up for a school dance… and she certainly wouldn’t have a date… but she was, and she did.  And it was her.

Micah and Ellissen got there first, and she took the picture for them.  They’d been officially together for about a year now… and they were truly happy.

And then he got there.  He was… amazing… wonderful… perfect.  Micah took the picture.  It took Ellissen thirty minutes to pose them, and by then they were nearly late.

They danced for a little while, nothing to horrible, mostly just moving their arms to the beat.  Hannah didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of Timithy.

A little while later, he dragged her outside.  Taking her hand, he grasped it tightly.  She hoped hers wasn’t too sweaty… that would be gross.

He pulled her closer, and her throat tightened.  Was he doing what she thought?

“Hannah… I really like you… and…”  Timithy stopped speaking, and with his hand, guided her chin towards his.

And he kissed her.  Her first kiss.

After, he drew her into a hug, she savoring his scent.  She would remember this night forever.

They went back inside, and danced again, not really caring if anyone else was there.  It was just them.  Together.  For this one moment in time.

Later that night, after Micah dropped her off back home, she went back to her home, to her trailer, and laid on her dirty, beat up couch.  But she didn’t care.  She was floating on air.

Later that night she heard a ringing on her doorbell, and a delivery man dropped off a package for her.

It was a photo album.  From Timithy.  Of them.  All of the good times they’d had.  That time they’d gone ice skating at the mall, the double date with Micah and Elli, hanging out at the pool.  And finally, a note from Timithy.  It was simple.  Just three little words.  I love you.  And he did.  And so did she.

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Sickness: Reynolds, Round 4, Summer

Taja Reynolds is 24, Lave Testy is 25, (Ralph Marslin is 30, Lynsey Lordin is 41)

Today hadn’t been a good day.  Taja had been feeling ill for a couple of weeks now.

Odd people had been showing up in the middle of the night.

She’d been throwing up all over the place.

They’d forcibly kicked out her other room-mate.

And Lave was talking to these people as if he actually knew them!  Honestly, she was a bit afraid of these people, and especially Lave.

He’d argued with her when she asked what was going on.  Told her it didn’t concern her.  Well to hell if it didn’t concern her!  There were criminals in her apartment, she was sure.

She told  him that maybe it was time for him to go.

He flashed her a smile, those piercing gray eyes of his showing his coldness.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

And he left.

They left.  It was only after they’d gone that she found out though.

She was pregnant.  Pregnant and alone.


  • So… yes… Lave was involved in some shifty business, hopefully to be uncovered later, and he, Lynsey, and Ralph left.
  • Taja is pregnant, and the baby is due Winter.  The baby is Lave’s.
  • What is to become of the families of these people?  You shall just have to wait and see.
  • Hope you enjoyed it 😛

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