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Adia: Fief, Round 8, Summer

Julio Fief is 28, Carla Fief is 11, Tate and Stewart Fief are 4

Narrated by Carla Fief

Rascal grew up this year.  He grew up a lot actually.  It stinks, everyone seems to be growing except for me.  I’m the shortest person in my class!  I’m taller than Tate and Stewart, but that’s only because they’re four!

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Quando Quando: Marshall, Round 8, Summer

Candi and Lane Marshall are 31, Rhett Marshall is 6, Vera Marshall is 5, Alexa Marshall is 2

Narrated by Lane Marshall

This month’s family project was fixing up the yard.  Since the winter snow has finally melted, we’re now faced with the task of removing all of the leaves left over from winter and fall.  We managed to make it pretty fun for the kids, they like doing “Big kid work” anyway, so it wasn’t a lost cause.

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Round 7 Summary/Round 8 Play Schedule

Round 7 Summary

Births: 5 (Rachel Andelique, Eve and Emmaline Gates, Madeline Sills, Kyle Visenz)

Deaths: None

Engagements: None

Marriages: 2 (Kaylee Visenz to Benjamin Long, Taja Reynolds to Russell Reynolds)

Graduations: None

Population: *Not counting playable NPC’s* 59

Males: 24 Females: 35 (Oh lord, the imbalance is killing me!)

Babies: 5

Toddlers: 13 (Lol, still the same, thankfully!)

Children: 13

Teens: 3

Young Adults: 6

Adults: 19

Elders: None

Round 8 ROS:

  1. Mini-Midlife crisis. Change your secondary aspiration!
  2. Win two new friends.
  3. Make it happen, pursue your biggest want. You can do it if you try!
  4. Family trip/vacation.

Round 8 Play Schedule:

Summer 1998: Birthdays, Marshall, Fief, Uni

Fall 1998: Birthdays, Primary School, Gates, Marslin, Reynolds

Winter 1998: Birthdays, Sills, Ferena, Andelique, Visenz

Spring 1998: Birthdays, High School, Straight, Barrett

Also, I was wondering, would you guys mind if I sort of threw in a more story-line oriented post instead of a game play post this round? It would just be one, so nothing major, but if you guys would be really opposed to it I don’t mind not doing it, thanks!

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Nothing On You: Gates, Round 7, Spring

Logan Gates is 39, Amanda Gates is 34, Chesna and Clifton Gates are 5, Eve and Emmaline Gates are 6 months

Narrated by Logan Gates

The month started off great for me, I scored another promotion from work, and even got to come home a little early for a change.  The promotion even came with a thousand dollar bonus!

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Another Again: Marshall, Winter, Round 7

Lane and Candi Marshall are 30, Rhett Marshall is 5, Vera Marshall is 4, Alexa Marshall is 1

Narrated by Lane Marshall

Every morning, I wake up to the sound of Rhett practicing the piano. He’s not exactly a Mozart yet, but he’s only five, so Candi and I are willing to give him some time to get better. He seems to enjoy it though, so that’s what counts, and maybe, if he keeps it up, he’ll be able to earn a scholarship.

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A Little Piece of Gold: Uni, Round 7, Summer

Micah Gates, Timithy Bachele, Tyler Ferena, Ellissen Pitziati, Miriam Regin, and Hannah Lordin are 19

Narrated by Ellissen Pitziati

This semester, instead of just tutoring Micah, I’ve been tutoring Hannah and Tim.  Although, the two people who really need tutoring are too busy shacking up in every available spot possible.

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Round 6 Summary/Round 7 Play Schedule

Round 6 Summary:

Births: 5 (Bekah and Christina Reynolds, Alexa Marshall, and Elizabeth and Alana Ferena)

Deaths: 1 (Mina Marslin)

Engagements: 3 (Taja Reynolds and Russell Reynolds, Micah Gates and Ellissen Pitziati, and Kaylee Visenz and Benjamin Long)

Marriages: None

Graduations: 2 (Kalista Sills and Avram Sills)

Population: 57

Males: 27  Females: 30

Babies: 5

Toddlers: 13  (Whoa!)

Children: 9

Teenagers: 3

Young Adults: 5

Adults: 22

Elders: 0

Round 7 ROS

  1. Green thumb: Start a garden of  4 plots
  2. Pay ten percent of your total worth
  3. Large lottery prize: 50,000
  4. Woohoo scavenger hunt!

Not too worried about any of these!

Round 7 Play Schedule

Summer 1997:  Birthdays, Sills, Marslin, Uni, Andelique

Fall 1997: Birthdays, Elementary School, Reynolds, Barrett, Fief

Winter 1997: Birthdays, High School, Visenz, Marshall, Visenz-Jitmuskol Wedding

Spring 1997: Birthdays, Ferena, Gates, Straight, Reynolds-Reynolds Wedding

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