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Amanda Carlson: Gates, Round 1: Part 2

Logan Gates is 34, Micah Gates is 13, Amanda Carlson is 32

Micah jumped off the bus, shaking his head.  So much homework.  I mean, seriously, the teacher doesn’t even go over the stupid stuff anyways.

Tonight would be the same as any other, he’d get home and start on his homework around 9, when his dad was already asleep, and then he’d go to sleep.

But today was going to be a little bit different.  He’d brought home his friend Miriam from school.  She was smoking hot.  As in, like, you could bake cookies on her and burn them hot.

And her gym outfit… to die for.  It was a halter top.  A halter top.

And apparently his dad was shaking things up too.  He’d finally brought over that lady he kept talking about… Amanda Carlson.

She was really nice, and soon she was frequently visiting the house.

Micah didn’t mind her, she was nice, and she made his dad happy.  His dad hadn’t been this happy in a long time.  And Amanda liked his back-rubs a lot too, so everyone won.

But soon it became obvious that she wasn’t just coming over for the backrubs.

And soon, come Christmas, it was time for presents.

Micah got a jump-rope.

But Amanda gave him a treadmill… so it was all good.  He gave Amanda a book about laws.  She seemed to really like politics.

Amanda gave his dad a synthesizer.  They were soo 80’s

But Amanda got the best gift of all from Logan.  Such a big box, but all it had in it was a little key.

“Would you like to move in with us?”  Logan asked, praying that he wouldn’t get rejected.  Because then they would sing the rejection song at work.

“Yes!  I’d love to!  I’ll make this place much more homey!”

Although, if you asked Micah, she just made the place a lot more Horny.


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Checkups!!!!! Ardania Medical Center: Round 1

Sims used are Julio and Carla Feif, Kaylee, Marco, and Laura Visenz, and Candi Reynolds.  Doctors are Dr. Claire Regin, and her interns are Danielle and Emily

When you first see it, it is an impressive looking building, the Ardania Medical Center.

Dr. Regin was proud, the waiting room was bustling, and people were dropping in all the time.  She was glad.  This is what she wanted.

Today, Emily was doing research on a new medicine, and Danielle would help with the younger children.

Candi Marshall walked in, trying to convince herself to be confident.  It’s just a stomach bug, that’s all.

“Good morning Mrs. Marshall.  Please, just take a seat over there.”  Dr. Regin said.

Candi smiled nervously and sat down, eying the fancy equipment and posters in the room


“So, Mrs. Marshall, how have you been feeling lately?”

“Well, I’ve been feeling tired, and nauseous… and hungry.  All the time.”

“Are you and your husband woohooly active?”

“Well, yeah.  What couples aren’t?”

The doctor laughed at this.

“When was the last time you and your husband engaged in woohoo?”

“Um… a couple of days ago?”

The doctor smiled.

“That’s what I thought.  Mrs. Marshall, congratulations, you’re pregnant!”

“W-what?  Me?  Pregnant?”

“Yes.  We have a variety of parenting magazines and books available here at the Medical Center, and we offer pregnancy classes as well, if you’d like to join.”

“Me… pregnant?  I’m pregnant.  I’m pregnant!  I’m pregnant!”  Candi exclaimed, her face glowing.

“Oh, doctor Regin!  Thank you so much!”  She exclaimed, hugging her.

“You’re very welcome, just remember to come back every trimester.”  Claire replied.

It wasn’t until she reached the parking lot that she realized one thing.  Now she had to tell Lane.

Upstairs, Kaylee was playing with Marco and Laura, while Danielle observed them.  It was just as she had thought.

Kaylee was the mother of two healthy twins, but Marco had a vision impairment.  For now, he’d be fine, but before he started kindergarten, he would need glasses.

Finally, it was the last appointment of the day.  Carla Feif.

Danielle couldn’t help but smile as she watched Julio kiss his daughter.

“Have you noticed any odd behavior Mr. Feif?”  Danielle asked

“No, and please, call me Julio.”

Danielle smiled.

“Then you can call me Danielle.”

“Well, it seems as if everything is in order then.  You are the father of a healthy one year old.”

“Thanks Danielle, you have no idea how much it comforts me to hear you say that.”

They hugged, and Danielle sighed.  It felt so good wrapped in his arms.  Julio noticed and smiled a bit, but didn’t say anything, not wanting to embarrass her.

All in all, it had been a good day at the Ardania Medical Center.

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Whirlwind: Greene: Round 1

Nora Greene is 24

Nora broke the ground evenly with her hoe.  This was what she loved.  This was why she was here.  To open up her own organic grocery store, so that others could enjoy the kind of life she did too.

She tended to the trees as well, everything had to be good for the judging.

And soon they did, the garden club.  She held her breath as they scrutinized every square inch of her garden, but in the end, she was accepted.  It was a great day for her.

To celebrate, she invited over some neighbors.

“Nora, you need to meet someone.  And fast.  You don’t want to be one of those kooks who talks to her plants do you?”  Sinjin asked.

“Um… no?”

“Good answer.”  Sinjin replied.

“Plus, if she meets someone, she can wooho!”  Li added, waggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Nora cringed back.

“W-wooho?  Not on a first date?  What if you got a WTD?”

“A wooho transmitted disease?  Get real Nora, you know that those don’t exist.  They’re just made up to scare teenagers into chastity!”

And such went the dinner.  Needless to say, it was awkward.

Things were going good, except for an odd fat lady who kept stealing her newspaper.

Her garden was doing well too, although having to weed it in the middle of the night wasn’t always her favorite thing to do.

One morning though, as she went to check the mail, she met someone.

They talked for hours, getting to know each other.  He was really nice, and they even liked the same stuff, although his horribly dyed hair wasn’t really doing anything for Nora.

“Look, Nora, I had a really nice time today… would you mind if I came back tomorrow?”  He asked her.

The smile on her face said it all.

Before he left, he gave her a friendly hug.  It might have been Nora’s imagination, but it seemed to her like he held it a little bit longer than normal… but she didn’t really mind.

The next day he was back, and their whirlwind courtship began.  He even undyed his hair for her, to show her how serious he was.

It was the most wonderful thing she had ever experienced.  They courted like this for a year, until finally…

She said yes.

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Last Night: Marshall, Round 1, Part 2

Gosh, I am just on fire today!!!!  This is my fourth post of the day.   Hopefully I still have readers after that hiatus though… hopefully this will make up for your wait!

Candi and Lane Marshall are 24

“Wow… last night was really… wow!”  Candi said

Lane smiled.  He was good at everything he did.  Seriously. Everything.

“I know.  I have a good feeling about today after that.”  He said, winking at Candi.  She blushed.  Sometimes Lane was just too much.

And indeed, the day went well for Lane.  He got promoted to “Executive Assistant.”  Not too shabby for having only worked there a year.

“Merry Christmas baby.”  He said, giving her a present.

“Oh, Lane, it’s beautiful!”

“We should try it out- I mean on- later.”  He said, trying to be suave.

And later on, Candi gave Lane a present too.  As if last night hadn’t been enough.

But the next morning, she felt ill.

“Candi, maybe you should see the doctor.  I told you that that cereal wasn’t any good.”

Candi nodded, trying to hold back the bile in her throat.  She quickly made a call to work, and then to her friend Amanda.  She had a bad feeling about what all of this was.

Hee hee.  Bet you can’t guess what’s wrong with her 😉

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Snow Days: Fief, Round 1, Part 2

Julio Fief is 22, Carla Fief is 1

Today, Julio decided to invite over some of the neighborhood’s other toddlers, so Carla could make some friends.  Unfortunately, the neighborhood is home only to two other toddlers, the Visenz twins.

Sure, they’re cute and all, but Julio would just about die if he had to take care of two kids, while working.  Kaylee is one tough cookie.

Carla and Laura seem to hit it off though, and they play together nicely.

One morning, Carla is playing with her teddy, and Julio decides it’s safe to make some cereal.

He finds a bowl, a box of cereal, and a carton of milk that’s not spoiled.  Not really gourmet, but it tastes pretty good all the same.

Suddenly, he looks out the window and notices Carla, all alone, playing in a puddle outside.

And, as if he isn’t horror stricken already, a dog starts to come over.  A dog with teeth.

He runs outside, in his pajamas no less, and shoes the dog away.  Picking up Carla, he cradles her to himself.  Really soothing himself more than his daughter.  She’s crying though, the dog barked loudly in her ear.

The next day it snows, but instead of going to work, even though he sees the carpool is already there, he calls in sick.  He’s accumulated a few vacation days over the past year, and he’s going to use them today.

The nanny arrives, but Julio sends her home.  Today is just about him and his daughter.

And that’s just the way it should be.  Him and his daughter.  Together.

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Starting Out: Marslin, Round 1, Part 1

Mina Marslin is 72, Ralph Marslin is 27, Maya Marslin is 25, Lyssa, Anna, and Cameron Marslin are 5

Lyssa loves jumping on her Mama’s bunk bed.  For some reason it’s just much more fun than hers.

Everyone loves Mamma.  Lyssa sure does.

So does Hannah, although Hannah just likes to dance with everybody.

Cameron pretends he’s too manly to hug Mamma, so he always jumps rope when someone asks him about it.  Coincidentally, he’s becoming quite good at jumping rope.

But Mamma always tucks him in at night, and makes his bed in the morning.  She loves her grandkids.  They’re the only one’s she’s got after all.

But the kids like their parents as well, especially their mom.  Maya’s just that kind of person.  Wherever she goes, she leaves a shine.  Ralph, on the other hand, is more distant, more quiet.  Sure, he loves his kids, just not as openly as his mother or wife.

But late at night, when he’s holding Maya close to him, it makes him think.  Maybe he should tell them.

But he never does.  He doesn’t want to hurt them.

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Slow: Aderine, Round 1

Greg Aderine is 24, Li Aderine is 23, Yu Aderine is 5.

“Pappa, since we have such a biiiig house, can we put an airplane in it?”

Greg laughed at his son Yu’s question.  He remembered when he used to be that young, that full of ideas.  Next to him, his wife Li shook her head no.  There would be no airplanes for them.  Even though they had bought a fairly cheap house, they barely had any money left over.  With Li staying at home with Yu, he’d have to find a good paying job, and fast.  The bills weren’t going to pay themselves.

It didn’t take him long to find a job, a playground assistant at Ardania Elementary school.  He was quite proud of himself, actually.  I meant that he and Yu would see a lot of each other.

Their days soon fell into a regular routine.  Li would help Yu with his homework in the morning, while Greg read the paper.

Then Li would cook them all a nice breakfast, although some of the topics they talked about were… less than desirable.

Li would play with his toys, he was a very good child, he could keep himself entertained for hours.

And sometimes he’d bring over a friend from school, and they’d have an action packed game of Cops n’ Robbers

He had lots of fun with his mom too though, sometimes they’d dance together for hours, Li just enjoying her son’s giggles of delight.

Greg and Li were still on good terms as well, they would often enjoy a moment or two of romanticism.

Yu was even doing well in school, he had a C+, but it was steadily moving up.

Unfortunately, on the same day that Yu brought home his great grade, Greg lost his job.  He didn’t know how it happened.  One minute he was watching the kids, next the principal called him into his office, and then… he was fired.  Luckily, he managed to grab a job at the Medical Center, utilizing his bachelors degree.  It even payed better.  Perhaps things were looking up after all.

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