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It’s Nice: Visenz, Round 1

Kaylee Visenz is 23,  Laura and Marco Visenz are 1.

Kaylee doesn’t believe it.  She’s actually doing all right.  Her children are happy, she’s paying the bills each month, they have a nice apartment.

During the day the kids play together, and Kaylee talks to her friend and neighbor over lunch.

She also paints, trying to draw in a little revenue.  For now it’s going okay, but she really needs to get better before she can start making good money.

And she tries to teach Laura and Marco their skills.  Marco has a much harder time than Laura though.  Their annual doctor’s appointment is coming up soon though, so she’ll see soon.

And at the end of the day, when they’re really tired out, Kaylee just likes to watch them sleep on the floor before she gently tucks them into their cribs.  It’s nice.


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Inconcievable: Lordin, Round 1

Lynsey Lordin is 38, Hannah Lordin is 13

Lynsey Lordin thinks she looks hot.  Her daughter Hannah thinks that she does not.  In fact, Hannah thinks quite a few things of her mother, most of which could not be said in a PG-13 movie.

This is one of the reasons why Hannah hates Lynsey so.  This is Hannah’s room, sparsely furnished, and with only second hand furniture at that, and the reason for this is the most trivial thing possible.

Lynsey spent all of their money on a 15,000 dollar plasma TV.  For her room, no less.

This is her existence.  An unemployed bum, as Hannah says.  Eating chips on the couch, watching TV.  All day.  Every day.

This is why every day after school, Hannah writes articles for the Ardania Times.  They pay her a few hundred dollars sometimes, but when that’s buying you food, it’s worth it.

Hannah does find friends in her neighbor Lynsey, ironically enough.  Lynsey is everything Hannah wished her mother was.  Nice, an average weight, mentally stable.

Life settles into a monotonous routine, until one day, Hannah comes home to this.

Hannah dashes to her room.  It’s inconceivable.  A bong.  Her mother bought a bong.  Hannah doesn’t even know where she got the money from.  She has a few guesses though.

Her only consolement comes from sleep, when she doesn’t know what her mother is doing.  And frankly, she doesn’t care.

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New Beginnings: Gates, Round 1, Part 1

Logan Gates is 34, Micah Gates is 13  (I have only just recently discovered the plumbbobtoggle cheat, so sorry about all of the plumbbobs, my bad 🙂 )

“Micah, go long!”  Logan shouted to his son.  It was hard to believe that they were in their own house, on their own now.  Micah was only 13, but he’d already been through enough stuff to last a lifetime.  That’s why they moved, to make a new beginning.

For Micah’s birthday, he had gotten a cell-phone, although why he needed one was beyond Logan.  It wasn’t as if he knew anyone to call… his mother was dead, they hadn’t really met anyone in Ardania yet, and he sure as heck didn’t have any girls to call.  Teenagers, who understands them?

Foot ball in the morning became a regular thing, and usually the paper boy would walk by while they were practicing.  Micah was really creeped out by the looks he kept giving his father though, first of all, his dad was old, second of all, he was straight.  Creepy paper boy.

After Logan’s promotion to blog writer for the Sim City times, he and Micah had an impromptu dance party, they even invited a couple of their neighbors over.  Micah wasn’t very impressed by his dad’s dancing though.

The neighbors were kind of weird too.

“Take it from me kid, don’t get married too soon.  I mean, Marriage is fun and all, but I missed out on a lot of wild stuff, you know?”  Li Aderine said, giving Micah a wink.

Micah decided to go somewhere else after that.

Nora Greene seemed pretty nice though.  She and Logan talked for a while, she even told him that Micah’s hat looked nice.  They soon became good friends, calling each other a lot, although Logan insisted that it was nothing more than a friendship.

And on his days off from work, when Micah was out, Logan practiced his dancing.  After all, if this was a new beginning, maybe he should learn how to dance!

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Notice Me: Marshall, Round 1, Part 1

Candi and Lane Marshall are both 24 years old.

Candi smiled at her husband, as he went on and on about their amazing new house.  They had bought one of the nicest homes in the city, mostly from Lane’s inheritance money, and he was ecstatic.

But all Candi saw when she looked at the house, were the two empty rooms, one for a boy, and one for a little girl, the two children they didn’t have.  Lane had promised her they would have kids one day, but he wanted to focus on their careers first, not their family.  Candi went along with him, because she really did love him, but all she really wanted were children.

At the moment, he was just a low level Business associate, and every time he got out of the carpool he would cringe.  Candi was in law, but she was only a file clerk at the moment, which Lane assured her would change.

One day, he brought home a co-worker, Amanda Carlson.  She was very nice, but she loved the game of chess with a passion, something Lane did not care for.

It just seemed as if Lane had no time for her anymore, but Amanda came over a lot, and she and Candi would talk for hours, about anything they wanted.  They soon became fast friends, and would often go out for lunch and such.

One morning, over lunch, Candi breached the subject that she’d been harboring for a while.

“Lane… do you even notice me anymore?”  She whispered.  Lane’s look was one of total shock.  He had no idea his wife felt this way.  He loved her very much, but he’d just been to busy with his work lately to really see what was going on.  He hoped she wasn’t having an affair.

The very next day after work he greeted her warmly, showering her with affection and kisses.  Candi felt like she was in heaven, and Lane didn’t mind either.

They stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, dancing.  With Lane’s strong arms around her waist, Candi knew that he did love her, that he did notice her.

“Lane, what do you think about kids?”  She asked him, for what seemed like the thousandth time.

“Not yet Candi, baby.  Soon, but not yet.”  She sighed.  Soon, he had said, soon.

She would hold him to that promise.

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Trying: Feif, Round 1, Part 1

Julio Feif is 22, Carla Feif is 1

Julio sighed as he scrubbed the counter again.  Who knew that having your own house could be so hard?  He had married young, straight out of high school in fact, and he had never needed to do housework.  But now she had left him, with just little Carla, alone, and without any help.  It was hard.  Sometimes he doesn’t know why he does it.

But then he looks into her face, into her starry blue eyes, and he knows why.  Because of her.  She is perfect.  She is all he needs.  And that is why he does it.

He loves watching her play with her food.  He’s in the culinary career, as a dishwasher, but he doesn’t think Carla will go down this route.  She’s just not that neat of an eater.

He loves to watch her bang away on her toy xylophone.  She’s got a real knack for it, and Julio is excited about that.  Maybe she’ll get opportunities he never had.

It pains him when he has to go to work, has to leave Carla alone with a nanny.  But the nanny is good, and Carla likes her, so he supposes all is well.

And plus, when he gets back home, there’s always time for one more game of Peekaboo.  And that is why he does what he does.  That is why he never gives up.  That is why he tries.

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Disgusted: Reynolds, Round 1, Part 1

Taja Reynolds is 21

“Okay, please sign here, and the apartment is yours!”

Taja smiled as she picked up the pen and signed.  Finally, she would have her own place.  She was out on her own, and she was going to enjoy it!  But first… she really wanted to check out her apartment a bit more.

It was pretty cool, it just screamed “Taja”.

Now, Taja really wanted to get something under her belt.  Sure, she had graduated college, and should probably get a job, but she was Romance at heart, and everyone knows where a Romance sims heart is.

It wasn’t even like she had to do anything.  Before she knew it, some guy named Leo Wilkie was hitting on her.  He even dropped a hint that he had quite a few simoleons on him.  Taja couldn’t resist.

As he looked at something on the ground, (Taja was sure that he had “dropped something”)  Taja checked out the view from behind… not bad… but he was so old.

Steeling herself for the inevitable, Taja accompanied Leo to the roof, where she immediately grabbed a drink.  Hopefully she wouldn’t remember anything after this.

Leo pulled her towards him, his hands roaming around her back.  Taja could barely control herself, she wanted to cringe so bad as his papery lips smashed into hers.  Leo smiled.  Taja smiled back, as best as she could, feeling sick about what she had done.  But it was too late now, Leo was pulling her towards his apartment.

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