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Another Year, Come and Gone: Birthdays, Round 3

At a beautiful Underwear ceremony, Chesna and Clifton Gates are celebrating their first birthdays.  So what if their parents are wearing underwear?  They’re too young to remember anyways.


At another house, while an unsuspecting toddler plays with a boat, happy things are a muck.

Yes, that’s right, Danielle and Julio Fief are now engaged.

And just in time for Carla’s fifth birthday!


And at the Marshall house, an unsuspecting Rhett is whisked from his sleep to a beautiful cake,

And the prospect of presents of course!

Happy First Birthday Rhett Marshall!

I think he’s got Candi’s nose and Lane’s cheeks, but who do you think he looks more like?


And finally, the Visenz twins make their debuts, Marco and Laura, five years old!


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Happy Birthday! : Gates, Spring, Round 2

Woohoo!  Last Post of Round 2!!!!!  ( I know I skipped some people, but that’s for a reason 😉 )

Amanda Gates is 29, Logan Gates is 34, Micah Gates is 14

So, as if things aren’t bad enough in poor Micah’s life, one night, he hears shrieking in his parent’s (well, technically one was a stepparent, but Amanda was pretty cool), so of course he goes to investigate.  Instead, he finds them playing some sort of kinky sex game.  Creepy.

But of course, things get progressively worse from there, and the next thing Micah knows, Amanda is in labor.  How does he know, you might ask?  Because there’s a big icky puddle of placenta or something or other on the floor beneath her.

The doctor is called, and all goes well, and soon there are two more people in the Gates family.  First is Chesna, a healthy baby girl,

And next is Clifton, a sweet baby boy.  Logan is still wearing his tux ( he really likes it) and Micah starts to do a dance of happiness.

Needless to say, he puts his dad to shame.

The nursery looks great ( if anyone wants to know, the Zootles collection from TSR)

Micah is getting the hand of this “baby thing”, and he thinks he’s doing a pretty good job.  Logan tells him that just because he’s good with kids, doesn’t mean he should have them right away.  Another 30 or 40 years would be fine.

But at the end of the day, everything is swell.  And yes, that tux must be very comfortable.

Yay!  Twins!  I totally forgot to check how many kids she was having… whoops!  Twins are good though.  Check out the new page I added, Ardania Offices.  It’ll tell you who I elected for official stuff and the taxes for this round.  (Taxes will be once every two rounds)

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Trying to Settle In: Marshall, Winter/Spring Round 2

Candi and Lane Marshall are 25, Rhett Marshall is about six months

“Man, did we make ourselves one fi-ine looking kid!”  Lane tells Candi, as they watch their son Rhett sleep under his dangly toys.

Candi smiles, of course they did.  Rhett is the cutest little baby she’s ever set her eyes on… of course… he’s just about the only baby she’s ever set her eyes on… but still, she’s got to admit, he’s pretty darn adorable!

She’s really starting to get the hang of things now, she’s even got that “I’m good with babies” swagger.

And Rhett really is a sweetie.

He barely cries, even when he’s hungry, and even then, he’s very content to just wait for the food.  He knows it’s coming.

The diaper changes are a bit more messy, but Candi’s getting the hang of it now.  Cover him with a diaper first, boys spray.

And bath time is always a … joy.  Lots of splashing and laughing, more on Rhett’s part than on Candi’s though.  But he’s always fine for Lane…

And he just loves the bouncy chair.  He would bounce in it all day if he could, not that his mom would mind that much.  It puts him to sleep.

Because boy do his parents need it!  🙂  Although they might not be tired from taking care of Rhett, Candi’s been hinting about how much she’d like another one 😉

Candi and Lane are settling in quite nicely to being parents, and I think Rhett’s a pretty good baby as well.  Can’t wait to age him up to see how he looks!  And maybe there’s another baby in the works?  😛

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Jailed: Lordin, Round 2

Hannah Lordin is 14, Lynsey Lordin is 39

Lynsey didn’t even see the landlord come over to the trailer.  The neighbors had been complaining about the sounds coming from inside of the trailer, crying, screaming, and such.

She didn’t even see him look through the window.

She was having too much fun.  She was just glad her stupid little bitch of a daughter wasn’t home to ruin it.  She was no fun, she wouldn’t even take a puff.

She barely thought she heard someone knocking, but she ignored it.  She was too in the moment.

This time, however, she did hear the knocking.  With a sigh she heaved her girth off of the worn pillow and over to the front door of the trailer.

“Ma’am, I’ve received a report that you are using illegal drugs.”  Said the officer.

“So what if  I am, what are you gonna do about it?”  Lynsey slurred.  Why did the guy have two heads?

“Ma’am, I’m going to have to take you back to the jail with me.”

She went, but boy was she unhappy.


Hannah came home that day from school, but something was very wrong.

The bubble blower was gone.  And so was her mom.  She was all alone.  And for the first time, she wished she had someone with her.

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Making A Move: Feif, Round 2

Julio Fief is 23, Carla Fief is 4

“Tedddy!”  Carla squealed over in her room.  Julio laughed as he heard the noise, glad that his daughter was having fun.

The nanny had been doing a great job lately,

So Julio had only thought it reasonable to tip her when he got home.

“Thank you so much, Mistah Fief, but really, you should be saving some money up for when yo little one goes to college.”

But now, as he watched his little daughter sleep contently, he couldn’t help but wonder.

She was four now, less than a year before first grade, and even though she was doing fine, he couldn’t help but wonder for her future.

Would she need a mother?  With this in mind, he called over Danielle.  He’d met her at the doctor’s office, and at his buddy Logan’s wedding, and she seemed like a great girl.

Their first date went fine, and soon she was coming over more often.   They always had fun though.

She was wonderful, kind, caring, sweet.

But at the end of the day, there was only one woman in Julio’s life, and he liked that just fine.

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I Do: Gates, Round 2, Fall

Amanda Carlson is 29, Logan Gates is 34, Micah Gates is 14

Everything was ready, the photographer was there,

The guests were seated,

The random judge was there as well.

It was a lovely ceremony, and the reception afterwards wasn’t that bad either.

Although, it probably wasn’t the best idea to give a pregnant woman champagne 😛

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That New Look: Reynolds, Round 2

Sorry… this one is kind of long 🙂

Taja Reynolds is 22

Taja and her roommate G- no, S- no, K-… well, his name wasn’t important.  The point was that they were watching TV… at least G- K- S- whatever thought he was.  Truthfully, he wasn’t very bright.  Little did they know, however, that a strange, well dressed stranger was making his way up the stairs.

“Taj!  How great to see you!”  The strange well dressed stranger gushed.  Taja greeted him fondly… ah, Lave… they’d had some good times together back in college… but she was through with him now… not after what he’d done to her.

“Let me just say, you look ravishing!”  He said.  He was such a charmer… he’d always been… but Taja was not going to let him do this to her this time.

“Why are you here?”  She asked… she didn’t trust him.

“Well… I’ve been fixing up this store in Ardania for a while now… but I realized… I don’t have a stylist… and I remember in college, that’s what you got your degree in… so I was wondering… would you like to join me in my business venture?”

She was at a loss for words… here was a chance to quit her dead end job… maybe do something with her life… but with Lave?  She wasn’t sure if that was a good idea.

But Lave was quite the charmer… and soon enough, he was moving into her apartment… but not in her bed.

It was quite the bed he brought though… but somehow… things got twisted around and then…

His kisses were so gentle, yet powerful.  He caressed her body softly, in a way she hadn’t felt in years.  His gentle touch, combined with his sweet hungry kisses, combined with her want for something meaningful…

The next thing she knew, they were on the bed… his kisses becoming more hungry… she could feel herself giving way to his charm… his power.

The next thing she knew, he was pulling her down on him, and she had no escape… it was pure bliss, yet a curse at the same time.

The store was up and running, and doing quite well.  Business was… not exactly booming but they were doing pretty well, with all of the ugly people that came in.

They even got a wedding shopping spree.  Taja had to admit… maybe this business hadn’t been such a bad idea…

Plus, after all of the customers left, there was plenty of time to do… other things  😉  And boy were those other things fun!

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