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Round 4 Summary/Round 5 Update/Mini Update: Uni

First up: Round 4 Summary:

Births: Three (Tate and Stewart Fief, and Nicholas Reynolds-Testy)

Breakups: Taja Reynolds and Lave Testy (Well, technically they weren’t together, but….)

Engagements: None

Marriages: None

Okay, now that that’s done, Round 5 Update!

Summer: Lordin, Gates, Straight

Fall: Uni, Marslin 2, Marshall

Winter: Feif, Reynolds, Visenz

Spring:  Marslin 1, Ferena

And now that that’s done:  MINI UPDATE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kalista Ferena and Avram Sills are 19

He dragged her to a park, the air starting to warm with the coming of summer, her hair whipping with the wind.  He pulled her close, trying to remember this moment in time forever, for always.

When he bent down on one knee, she still had no idea.  She was so sweet that way, so innocent, so undemanding.  It was why he did.

“Kalista Ferena, will you marry me?”  He asked, incredibly nervous, hands shaking as he held out the box he’d fished from inside his pocket.  She was shocked, and utterly surprised.

She said yes.


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Learning From Windows: Barrett, Round 4, Spring

Michael Barrett and Katherine Andelique are 24

Michael and Katherine found the Reynolds residence easily enough.  She’d moved from her previous residence, but it wasn’t really that hard to find her.

They greeted her, and she seemed nice enough, but there was something about her… an air of sadness.

When they asked her the first question, where was the man called Lave Testy living, and why had she moved, she gave them an angry look.

“I don’t know where Lave went, and quite frankly, I don’t care.  He left me, alone and by myself, because he was involved in some shady business, and I moved because I didn’t want him to come back.  If it was just me, I’d probably be still in that apartment.  It was nice, I liked it, but now I have to look out not only for myself, but for my baby.  And I don’t want him to hurt my baby.”

“You mentioned a baby… who is the father?”

“Lave.  Figures.”  she let out a short, kind of bark laugh

“I’d prefer him not to know, I don’t want to lose Nicky.”

“You also mentioned “shady business”.  Please explain.”  Katherine added.

“I-I don’t know.  There was a man in a striped t-shirt, he was blonde, had a beard, and wore a beanie.  There was also a fat, red-haired lady.  Lots of conversations whispered.  Something about money and a bank.”

“Thank you for your help, Mrs. Reynolds.”  Taja sighed and looked down at the table.  She didn’t really care what this was about, she just wanted them to leave.

As they walked away, Michael looked back and stared through the window.  What he saw was a Taja much different than the one they had interviewed.  She held her son Nicholas, or as she called him, Nicky, tightly, stroking his head.  She lightly planted a kiss on his head, and Michael saw her lips move.

“I won’t let them take you, Nicky.”

Michael smiled wryly.  You could learn a lot from windows.


  • Teehee, slipped in some Nicky spam.  I like him 😀
  • As you can see, this furthered the Lave Testy investigation, and you can probably pick up on a little more of what he did now.

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First Meetings: Gates, Round 4, Spring

Logan Gates is 36, Amanda Gates is 31, Micah Gates is 16, and Clifton and Chesna Gates are 2

I love having the twins around.  Chesna is the light of my life.

Amanda and Clifton are very close too.  In fact the whole family is very close.  Micah, Clifton, and Chesna seem to get along great, even though they have quite the large age gap.

Micah and his girlfriend have been hanging around a lot more, something I like.  I trust Micah, but he is a 16-year-old boy, and it’s good to have him under a close watch.

Amanda and Ellissen had a chat the other day, but I believe it went quite well, at least according to Amanda.  If Amanda and Micah like her though, I approve.


  • Sorry about the horrible picture quality!  I hate it!  Since my computer broke, I had to transfer everything over to my laptop, so I’m still trying to work out the kinks… look for another post later tonight!
  • Thanks for sticking around too, I know I haven’t posted in a few days, so thanks for still reading!

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It’s That Birthday Time of Year: Birthdays, Round 4, Spring

The only birthday this spring is Reece Straight, and isn’t he adorable?

Here he is with his mother, Nora,

And here he is with his father, Alon.

I love Reece!!!!!!!!!!

And just for kicks:  Guess who?

Ellissen!   (Micah Gates’ girlfriend)  She looks pretty good, I’m quite proud with myself 😛

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Everything She Wanted: Lordin, Winter, Round 4

Hannah Lordin is 16

She stared into the mirror, not really believing what she saw.  Surely that wasn’t her.  Hannah Lordin wouldn’t be dressing up for a school dance… and she certainly wouldn’t have a date… but she was, and she did.  And it was her.

Micah and Ellissen got there first, and she took the picture for them.  They’d been officially together for about a year now… and they were truly happy.

And then he got there.  He was… amazing… wonderful… perfect.  Micah took the picture.  It took Ellissen thirty minutes to pose them, and by then they were nearly late.

They danced for a little while, nothing to horrible, mostly just moving their arms to the beat.  Hannah didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of Timithy.

A little while later, he dragged her outside.  Taking her hand, he grasped it tightly.  She hoped hers wasn’t too sweaty… that would be gross.

He pulled her closer, and her throat tightened.  Was he doing what she thought?

“Hannah… I really like you… and…”  Timithy stopped speaking, and with his hand, guided her chin towards his.

And he kissed her.  Her first kiss.

After, he drew her into a hug, she savoring his scent.  She would remember this night forever.

They went back inside, and danced again, not really caring if anyone else was there.  It was just them.  Together.  For this one moment in time.

Later that night, after Micah dropped her off back home, she went back to her home, to her trailer, and laid on her dirty, beat up couch.  But she didn’t care.  She was floating on air.

Later that night she heard a ringing on her doorbell, and a delivery man dropped off a package for her.

It was a photo album.  From Timithy.  Of them.  All of the good times they’d had.  That time they’d gone ice skating at the mall, the double date with Micah and Elli, hanging out at the pool.  And finally, a note from Timithy.  It was simple.  Just three little words.  I love you.  And he did.  And so did she.

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Gone Were The Days: Visenz, Winter, Round 4

Kaylee Visenz is 26, Laura and Marco Visenz are 6

With the twins so much older and bigger, it was time for a change.  Kaylee rented an apartment, from one of the newest buildings in town, Marshall Apartments.  The twins seemed to like it, they had plenty more space for cops ‘n robbers.

They settled in nicely, and everything seemed to be going well.  Laura was in awe of her painting ability, and would often stare at her as she painted.  It made Kaylee feel proud, to know that her children were proud of her.

She helped the twins with their homework after school as well, although there was really no need for that, the children were excellent in school.

And she kept getting phone calls from a man named Roger Jitmuscol.  She’d met him at a coffee shop, but she wasn’t sure if she was ready for a commitment yet, or even if her kids were.

She took a chance though, and it turned out to be a good one.

He was so kind, and sweet, and tender, not like the twins’ father had been.

And the twins seemed to like him too, especially when they learned that he had traveled the world practicing cooking before opening his own restaurant in town.

They hit it off really well.

And late at night, when the twins were asleep, sometimes he’d come in to tuck them in with her.  He was so sweet.

So she asked him to move in.  And he said yes.


  • I was glad that something good happened to Kaylee, she deserves it!
  • And guess what that guy’s name is?  Ethan Barrett!  I know, awkward right?  xD

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It’s That Birthday Time of Year: Winter, Round 4

It’s like nothing she’s ever felt before, a sudden, unexpected burst of pain, and then everything goes black and white.  She can see the stars, see the moon, like nothing she’s ever seen before.

After rushing to the hospital, and a quick yet intensive labor, Nicholas Reynolds-Testy is born into the world.  He’s a healthy baby boy, who takes more after Lave than herself, with his skin tone.  But Taja loves him anyway.  This baby boy, this darling little part of her, this is what she’s living for now.

And he is so very worth it.


Over at the Fief home, Danielle is experiencing the very same thing, although two months earlier than planned.  They rush her to the hospital, and there by Cesarean Section, the twins are delivered.

Tate is the first, and he bears much resemblance to his mother, with his dark skin, and Stewart is next, with his father’s coloring.

Carla can’t believe it!  Two new playmates, and her mommy isn’t fat anymore!

The Fief family is very proud to present their new twin boys.

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