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Round 5 Summary/Round 6 Play Schedule

Yay!!!!  End of Round 5!!!!  On to the Summary!!!!!

Births: 7 (Allisson, Peter, and Lila Sills, and Giovanni, Hal, Avery, and Eliza Straight)

Deaths: None

Breakups: None

Engagements: 1 (Kalista Ferena and Avram Sills)

Marriages: 1 (Kalista Ferena to Avram Sills)

Round 6 Play Schedule:

Summer: Marslin 2 (Part One), Marslin 2 (Part 2), Uni 2

Fall:  Elementary School, Marshall, Reynolds, Marslin 1

Winter: Barrett, Ferena, Straight, Gates

Spring:  Middle School, Visenz, Uni 1, Fief

Yay!!!!!  Excitement!!!  Also, I was wondering, where did everyone get their ROS file from, because I sort of lost mine and I can’t find it and I was going to use it.  Thanks!


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Speeding Along: Ferena, Spring, Round 5

Phillip and Marietta Ferena are 41, Tyler Ferena is 17, Madin Ferna is 7, Lise Ferena is 3.

Narrated by Marietta Ferena

Life’s been crazy lately, what with all the things going on.  Spring cleaning, of course, was first on the list.  I quite enjoyed it actually, although there was more work to do now that Kalista was in college.

I also had to catch up Madin on his homework, he’d been letting his grades slip a little lately, so I wanted to make sure that he got his grades back up.

It’s probably because of the Spring harvest though.

Phillip and Madin have been harvesting like crazy, waking up at all hours of the night and staying up so late. And the fishing.  They shoot out there every chance they get, and for what?  To catch a boot?  Which Phillip has done on a number of occasions.

Phillip opened up the market as well, for the first time, in fact.  People were lining up to get in, Phillip was quite proud.

One of Tyler’s friends’ mother came, and bought a few vegetables.  Phillip assured her that everything was organic, no pesticides or anything, and she seemed quite pleased.

The market opens up at four in the morning, but Madin is always up, ready for Phillip to take him down.  It’s very cute, the way Madin always wants to help with the farm, I could definitely see him working on the farm when he gets older, especially as seeing none of our other children seem very interested in it.

Lise and I have been spending a lot of time together lately, and I love it ever so much.  I’m going to miss her next year, when she’s away in pre-school.  I’ll have nothing to do for the early morning, what a bore!

I’d been feeling a bit off lately though, so I went to the doctor for some tests.  It turns out, I’m pregnant!  I was a bit worried, seeing as I’m quite a bit older now than I was when Kalista was born, but Dr. Regin assured me that everything should be fine, as long as I’m extra careful.  I was thrilled, and I called Kalista and told her the news, she was ecstatic as well.

A few days later, the doctor’s office called again, and asked if I wouldn’t mind helping out a younger woman who was pregnant.  I agreed, of course, and a few days later, I was meeting a nice young woman named Taja Reynolds on the porch.  She was already a mother, a proud one at that, of a son, Nicky.  She showed me some pictures of him, and he’s quite adorable.  But she was in quite a predicament.  Pregnant out of wedlock, and being a single mother, she wasn’t sure what to do, whether or not to keep the baby.  She told me she’d been thinking about abortion, as she’d read in some books that it can be adverse to the other child.  I assured her, that she should keep the baby.  It’s not what’s in a book that counts, but what’s best for the children, even if they’re not born.

And then she dropped another bombshell.  She’d been planning to adopt another child, and the processes were already underway.  We talked for a long time, and I think she came to some conclusions about her children, about the father of her child, and about her life in general.

She really seemed like a sweet woman, and I have all the best wishes for her, no matter what she decides.


  • Argh!!!!  They woohoo’ed one time, the entire round, autonomously, and of course, with my incredible luck, she gets pregnant.  With twins.  That is it!  From now on, I am not using that family super-fertility thing.  Ever.
  • Tyler was not around, because of that glitch I mentioned way back when with the Gates’.  Micah and Ellissen were suspended in a void of sim-dom or something, so I had to send all of the teenagers to college.  So Tyler was at college actually… sorry 😛
  • Lise ages up next round, excitement!!!!  Last post of Round 5, excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reaching Out: Marslin, Round 5, Spring

Mina Marslin is 75, Maya Marslin is 29, Cameron, Lyssa, and Anna Marslin are 11

“Oh, it’s so great to have you back darling.”  Maya says, hugging Lyssa tightly.

“It’s good to be back too.”  Lyssa replies.

Cameron and Anna are playing rock paper scissors in preparation of their party.  Somehow, they managed to convince Maya to let them have some friends over, and they’ll be arriving soon.

Although they take some time out to talk to their grandmother.

The twins Breeanna and Alice arrive first.  Breeanna is more of an outgoing, fashionista type, so she and Anna are stuck to each-other like glue.  Alice is more of a quieter, shy person, so she and Lyssa are close.

Cameron’s friends Yu and Matt come as well, and they all sit down at the table to talk.

Cameron tries to attract the interest of Breeanna by talking about jewelry, I mean, that’s what cute girls like, right?

Lyssa, feeling uncomfortable around so many people, goes out to the porch to relax.  Instead, she sees a giant hole in their property.

And she sees her father, leaving their lot, a shovel on the ground next to him.

She sits down on their porch swing, and squeezes her eyes, willing herself not to cry.

She hears the door open, and sees Matt walking out.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”  She says, sniffling a little bit as she gets up to go somewhere else.

“No, don’t go!  Stay, I’ll listen.”  He says.

“Tell me what’s wrong.”  He says.  And for some reason, she does.

And he listens.  He talks at the right times, and listens when he’s supposed to.  When she talks about how she hates what her father is doing to their family, he doesn’t say anything, just lets her speak.  And she barely even knows him, he’s just a distant friend of Cameron’s.

“Come on, follow me.”  He says, beckoning for her to follow him.

“Here, you know what always cheers me up when I’m sad?  Looking at the stars.”  He says, sinking to the ground.

“Look, it’s Ursa Major.”  He says.  She looks up, and sees it.  Nature, it’s one thing she enjoys.  Being healthy, one with the world… no one else really gets it… but somehow Matt does.

“Yes, and  there’s Orion.”  She replies.

“Um, I don’t really know how to say this… but… thanks.”  She says.

“I really needed someone to listen, and you did.  Thank you.”  She says.

“No problem, happy to help.”  He replies.

They stay there like that for a few moments longer, gazing into each-other’s eyes.  She never noticed how brown his eyes were before, he never noticed how her smile is so… bright.  He’s never really noticed her before sixth grade, but now… now it’s something different.

Inside, Breeanna and Anna are talking,

Yu and Cameron are playing catch.  Nobody really notices where Matt and Lyssa are.

He gives her a hug, and, maybe it’s just her imagination, but she thinks he holds her a bit longer than a normal hug.  But she doesn’t mind.  She’s only eleven, but even though her life is barely beginning, she feels as if she’s turning a new page.

Later that night, she kisses her nanna to sleep.  And her mind is buzzing.  She can’t stop thinking about Matt.  She really likes him.  A lot.  He reached out to her, when she really needed it.  And she’ll never forget what he’s done for her.


  • Eeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Matt and Lyssa are sooooo adorable together!!!!
  • They’re nowhere close to even being allowed to date or anything, they’ll have to wait for high school, but I remember when I was in 6th how everybody was crushing on people, so why not them?
  • Breeanna and Anna strike me as the type of people who would be ms. popular and such, so I figure they’d be great friends.  They actually are friends.  And, funnily enough, whenever Cameron would talk to Breeanna, she’d totally ignore him 😛  It was so hilarious.
  • Oh, also, I posted another post today, about the Visenz’s.

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Meeting Lucian: Visenz, Round 5, Winter

Kaylee Visenz is 26, Roger Jitmuscol is 32, Laura and Marco Visenz are 7

“It’s snowing, it’s snowing!  Mama, esta nevando!”  The twins were ecstatic, jumping up and down on their beds, excited at the prospect of snow, for the second time this winter.

Roger is watching a movie, when he hears the doorbell ring.

There is a man outside, holding a piece of paper with their new address on it.

He greets him amicably, not really knowing who it is.

“Hi, may I help you?”

The man smiles wryly, looking at him funnily.

“I’m Lucian, Lucian Visenz, you know, the twins’ father?”

Roger is shocked, but he invites him in.  The twins are sent to their room and told not to come out, and Kaylee comes out to talk to him.

“Why did you come back?”  She asks, staring at Roger, as her voice wavers.

Lucian looks at her for a moment, as if thinking, before he speaks.

“I wanted to see my kids… to be apart of their lives.  I’ve missed out this much, and there’s no better time to start now.”

Laura is broken away from playing chef, to see her father first.

She walks out, a little smile on her face as always.

“Who are you?”  She asks.

“I’m your father, Laura.”

She slides into her seat.

“What are you talking about?  I don’t have a daddy.”

“Laura, you have to have a father, and I am yours, trust me.”  She stares at him for a moment, as if deciding whether or not to trust him.  But she is a child, and children are naturally more trusting than adults.


“So, how old are you now anyway?  Six?”

“No, I’m seven.  So is Marco.”

Marco comes out next, and Lucian just stares at him for a moment.  They look so alike… it’s uncanny.

“Are we going to be like, best friends or something?  We can to baseball games, and football games, and soccer games, and play basketball…”  Marco babbles on and on, and Lucian can’t help but smile.

They talk for a long time, all together, trying to make up for lost time, as Lucian says.  But to him, it’s definitely worth it.  He left Kaylee seven months pregnant, and he regards that as one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made.  He knows he’ll never be able to fix it with her, but perhaps he can still fix it with his children.

He gets up to leave, and gives Laura a peck on the forehead and a little hug.  She seems kind of wary of him still, but she lets him anyway, which he takes as a good sign.

Marco gives him a hug too, and he kisses him on the cheek.

“I’ll miss you Papa.”  He says.

“Me too, I’ll try to come back as soon as I can.”  He replies.

Lucian leaves, needing to return to his hotel.  The snow has stopped falling, and it’s frigid outside, but on the inside, he’s warm, and that’s all he feels.

Kaylee reads Laura to sleep, trying not to think about the earlier events, and Roger reads Marco to sleep as well.

Back in their room, Roger gives Kaylee a hug.

“Kaylee, it’s going to be fine.  He seemed nice to me.”  He murmurs into her ear.

“Yes, I guess… just, I can’t trust him after what he did to me.”

He gives her a light kiss, and she relaxes into his arms.  She is with who she truly belongs with, and she knows it, no matter what Lucian might say.


  • So, I really had no idea what I was going to do for this family, and then it hit me!  Bring back their dad!
  • So I did, and I liked it!  He’s Romance, by the way, hence him leaving her when she was preggo.
  • It’ll be interesting to see where this goes though, I’m excited!

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Making a Life: Reynolds, Round 5, Winter

Taja Reynolds is 25, Nickolas Reynolds-Testy is 1.

She didn’t know how it had happened, but she’d suddenly become a soccer mom kind of gal… and she liked it.  The highlight of her day was always reading a story to Nicky before she put him to bed,

Watching his face as he smiled when she read him a story about Clifford, or Spot, or Elmo,

She loves looking at him, his smiling little face peering back at her… he is perfect.

She tucks him in to go to sleep, pulling the covers up to his chin, making sure he’s warm, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Love you momma.”  He murmurs.  She loves it when he does that, speaking a few words from his ever expanding vocabulary.

“I love you too Nicky.  Don’t you ever forget it.”  She murmurs back.  He’s already fast asleep though.  Out the window snow is falling, she smiles.  Nicky will really enjoy the snow this time, she knows it.

Her friend Amber stops by, and offers to watch Nicky while Taja’s at work today.  She has two sons of her own, and one is Nicky’s age, so it’s perfect.

Nicky loves her, and you can’t help but love Nicky, so it’s perfect.

At That New Look, things are really going well.  She’s become a lot better at sales, and it’s really paying off with profit.

Running the store by herself though, is hard.  Her cashier quit, and she’s running everything by herself now.

So she hired a new cashier… although she suspects he’s watching her… assets… when she turns her back.

She also hires a sales manager/restocker.  His name is Ross Reynolds, oddly enough, but she’s sure they’re  not related.  It’s just an oddity.  She can’t help but admit that she finds him attractive though… although she’s not sure about his idea of her.

They become close friends, and one day, they end up having a pillow fight after closing.

He draws closer to her.

“Taj, let me just cut to the chase… I’d really like to go out on a date with you… would you?”

She tells him yes.  One thing leads to another, and soon, before she knows it, they’re on the couch.

He’s so much kinder and gentler than Lave ever was with her, and it makes her feel special.  He kisses her tenderly, not roughly, smiles at her as if he actually means it… she’s falling for him… definitely.

But at the end of the night, she goes back home to Nicky, because he’s the man in her life that really matters.

They go out into the snow, to play around.  Nicky is beaming, she’s smiling.  It’s lovely.

They play in the snow together some more, and she wonders, could it every get better than this?  She’s making a life for herself, a new life, and she loves it.  And she looks at Nicky and thinks that she’d love having one more… and she makes a call to Julio Fief.


  • Okay people, Julio Fief is head of Child Services, she’s not going to have an affair with him… at least I don’t think 😛
  • Sorry this took so long, it took me so long to write for her!
  • I’m finding myself loving Taja so much more and more, she’s actually very sweet 🙂

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Feeling Lost: Fief, Round 5, Winter

Julio Fief is 25, Danielle Fief is 24, Carla Fief is 7, and Tate and Stewart Fief are 1

Narrated by Danielle Fief

As part of my Masters program, I’m supposed to perform check ups on people, and my friend Candi volunteered to help me.  She’s about four months pregnant now, and she and her husband are very excited.  This will be their third, and they can’t wait.

We talked for a little bit about their family, how their son Rhett and daughter Vera are.

Candi is just brimming with excitement, she’s always wanted children, and now she’s going to have three.  I’m happy with my three as well, I think of Carla as my daughter, and of course Tate and Stewart are my biological sons.

I felt her stomach, making sure everything was okay, I also ran some tests.  Turns out that Lane and Candi are going to be expecting another little girl.

They left with a smile on their face, and I got another good mark for my Masters.

Meanwhile, the boys had been entertaining themselves upstairs.  They’re so cute.

Julio has been doing a pretty good job with them, trying to teach them words and how to walk and such.  I’m glad that I have him around.

Carla’s becoming quite the little girl as well, she’s always on the phone with her friend Laura, talking about her violin and what not.  I’m just thankful that she still thinks that boys have cooties.

Julio also tries to make sure Carla does her homework, although he does get a bit side-tracked.  I do love him, but lately, I’ve been noticing his shortcomings more.  We don’t argue or anything, but I think we can both feel that we’re sort of drifting apart.  We both know it, but we don’t want to hurt the children, so I don’t think we’ll make any big decisions right now.  The children are unsuspecting, and Julio and I are still friends.  I just don’t know where this is heading right now.


  • Sorry if you notice some stuff from fall.  I noticed that I forgot to change the seasons half-way through, and I really didn’t feel like re-taking the pictures and such.
  • Julio and Danielle… they don’t actually have any chemistry, and the whole time I played them, they didn’t roll up any wants towards each-other, or ACR each-other.  At all.
  • Also, check out my new website:  Over Every Mountain It’s a sim version of a story I wrote.  It will probably change from the story at some points, but for now, it’s pretty much sticking to it.  I’d love it if you’d check it out, comments, as always, are welcome 😛

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The Sills-Ferena Wedding: Round 5, Winter

Avram Sills and Kalista Ferena are 19

They meet under the wedding arch, no one is in their seats yet.  She can’t believe it’s happening, neither can he.  It’s all so much of a whirlwind thing… they’ve only known each-other for a year and half, yet they are already engaged, and caring for triplets… she’s so nervous though, is she making the right decision?  Avram stokes her chin softly, consoling her.

“It’s going to be fine.  Trust me, I don’t slick my hair back for just anything.”  He tells her.  She smiles, that dreamy smile he’s in love with.  He’s glad she tried out contacts, they make her look even more gorgeous.

He kisses her tenderly.

“Just think, in a few hours, you’ll be Mrs. Sills.”  The thought gives her butterflies, but happy butterflies.  Her parents have stayed together this long, and they were married when her mom was just 17.

Everyone begins to gather outside, Kalista’s whole family is there except for her little sister Lise, who’s too young for the trip out to the college.  Tyler came, and brought his friend Micah, who in turn brought his girlfriend Ellissen.  Her old college room-mates are there as well.  Avram’s parents couldn’t manage the drive, and sent them their best wishes from afar.

They are under the alter again, but this time for real.

“Ready?”  Avram asks her.  He’s so excited, he can practically feel himself buzzing.

Phillip gives Avram his famous death stare.  Quite un-nerving.

And it begins.  Kalista can feel her heart beating outside of her chest, swelling with love and nervousness.

He slides the ring onto her finger first.  She can’t believe that she’s smiling this wide.

And she slides the ring onto his finger.  It is done.

“Now, and forever.”  He whispers, as they pat their hands onto eachothers.

“Now and forever.”  She replies.

They kiss, and for a moment, they are in bliss, perfect unity.  They are two, yet one.  Now and forever.

Tyler’s friend starts to clap first,

Tyler soon follows, along with her old roommate Parker, and Micah’s friend’s girlfriend.

Phillip stands, a smile on his face.  He’s happy.  One down, three to go.

Marietta joins in too.  She’s so proud of her daughter.

The day progresses, and Kalista and Avram keep shooting each other goofy grins.

He cuts a large slice of cake, and she feels nervous for the first time.  Please, oh please, don’t let him push it in her face.

He doesn’t, he feeds her a bite gently.

“I love you.”  She says.

“I love you too.”  He whispers.

The reception goes well, Marietta sits with her daughter proudly.

They hold hands on the table, grinning at each other stupidly.

Not even Phillip’s crazy stares can ruin their day.

This is the beginning of the rest of their lives.  And it’s such a great start.


  • Oh my gosh, aren’t they just gorgeous!  I love how they look, I wish I could keep her hair that way 😛  Avram cleans up nicely, doesn’t he!
  • I love these two, they’re so adorable.  Her dress was perfect for her, simple, yet elegant… and Avram was just Avram
  • Also, I just wanted to say thanks so much for reading!  Today, Ardania reached 2,000 views!  Thanks for reading, it makes me feel really good about what I’m doing!

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