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Updated Rules and Regulations

Okay everybody, I spent about three hours on this this morning, but it’s finally done.  The exact same information will be available on the page: Ardania Rules and Regulations, which is located at the top of the screen!

Comments by me not on the Rules and Regulations Page are done in BOLD.

Here are some basic rules and regulations for Ardania, just so you can see how the ‘hood is run:


Moving to Ardania- $ 3,000.   All residents moving to Ardania from elsewhere (townies, this means you!) will be required to pay a fee in order to become a citizen of Ardania, so to speak.

Marriage- $500.  All residents wanting to be married will be required to purchase a marriage licence first, before they can actually claim to be legally married

University- (see Education)

Plastic Surgery- $1,000.   All of those residents wishing to indulge themselves  with Plastic will be required to pay a fee of $1,000, since Ardania would like to encourage their residents to keep the faces that they were given!

Adoption- $10,000- $5,000.  Ardania would like to encourage adoption, however, fees will be included to be paid to the adoption agency, and to the foster family if one is required.  $10,000 for newborns, $7,500 for toddlers, and $5,000 for children.

Fertility Treatments- %5,000.  Fertility treatments will be made available to adult females over the age of 35, who have already tried three times with no success.

Child Support-  Thanks to Monique’s computer, child support may be awarded.  This money must be used solely for the child, or put directly into the child’s bank account.

(Thanks to Sullivan Sims for most of these ideas 🙂  )


High School- All students wishing to graduate from Ardania High School will be expected to have a C- Average or higher, a minimum of 12 skill points, and at least three hobby points cumulative.  Students will also be expected to do a senior project, and the class valedictorian will be required to make a speech for a graduation assembly at the end of the year.

Senior Projects:  Recieve a bronze badge at any hobby activity and bring in one example or perform a demonstration, Perform in a recital or concert, Perform a play (Class Project), Bring in three photographs or paintings

University- All students wishing to enroll in Ardania University will be required to meet all graduation requirements for Ardania High School.  Tuition will cost $3,000 a semester with no scholarships, $2,500 a semester with two scholarships, $2,000 a semester with four scholarships, $1,000 a semester with six scholarships, and $500 a semester with eight scholarships.  Students wishing to get a full scholarship must have a minimum of eight scholarships, and a minimum of 42 cumulative skill points.  Financial aid will be provided in the form of student loans, and a special $500-$1,000 scholarship will be awarded to any student who undergoes a home interview from the head of education.  The military also offers a full scholarship to Ardania University, followed by four years of military service.  Seniors will also need to complete a senior project to be awarded diploma:

Art: Take 10 photos and order album or achieve a bronze badge in pottery
Biology: Successful growth of the Hydroponic Garden, or bronze gardening badge
Drama: Write & perform a monologue (write article & perform poetry)
Economics: Bronze badge in sales
History: Create a family tree presentation
Literature: Write a  novel & watch 3 films
Mathematics: 1 draft using drafting table
Philosophy: Lead group yoga
Physics: Bronze badge in robotery
Political Science: Learn anger management
Psychology: Learn couples counseling or anger management

Upon graduation:  Any student with a 4.0 GPA will be immediately placed in the career of their choice.  Students with a 3.7-3.9 GPA will be guaranteed career placement of their choice within two years after graduation.  Students with a 3.5-3.6 GPA will be guaranteed career placement of their choice within three years after graduation.

Adult students past the age who have missed the opportunity of University may still get a degree, by completing 14 articles (via Monique’s computer) and completing a senior project.  The cost for this will  be $10,000 overall.

Masters Degree:  Tuition will be $5,000 cumulative, and students wishing to acquire this degree will be required to write an additional 7 articles on Monique’s computer, and complete another Senior project:

Art: Additional 5 photos, silver pottery badge, or an additional 5 original paintings
Biology: Silver gardening badge
Drama: Attend theater production
Economics: Silver badge in sales
History: Research another culture’s history and write a paper
Literature: Write two novels
Mathematics: 5 drawings using the drafting table
Philosophy: Learn lifelong happiness
Physics: Silver robotery badge
Political Science: Organize a fundraiser for the benefit of the city
Psychology: Learn couple’s counseling or anger management

Doctorate Degree: Tuition will be $5,000 cumulative, and students wishing to acquire this degree will be required to write an additional 14 articles on Monique’s computer, and complete yet another Senior project:

Art: Gold pottery badge, or 5 original paintings
Biology: Use Biotech Station, Gold gardening badge
Drama: Thesis (drama novel), or direct a play
Economics: Gold badge in sales
History: Thesis (history novel)
Literature: Thesis (novel of choice)
Mathematics: Thesis (mystery cover)
Philosophy: Learn physiology
Physics: Gold robotery badge
Political Science: Thesis (history novel)
Psychology: Thesis (children’s novel)

(I would like to thank Jeniffer of LaQuest Beach for the idea of senior projects, masters degrees, and doctorates degrees, and Carla of Sullivan Sims for the scholarship/tuition idea and for the adults in college/article writing idea.)


Teens wishing to take a job during high school must meet the following requirements: They must have an B- grade average, be at least 14 years of age, and maintain that grade average while interning.

Adults in any career must meet requirements before promotion, and have good relationships with their bosses (unless they are the highest up, or the only one in their field).

There are many jobs available in Ardania, but some require a  certain level of degree, while other’s do not:

Athletic Career- No degree required

Business- Degree required: Economics, Mathematics, Political Science

Criminal- No degree required

Culinary- No degree required

Law Enforcement- Degree required: Psychology, Philosophy, Biology, Physics, Art

Medical- Degree Required: Biology, Physics

Military- No degree required

Politics- Degree required: Political Science, Mathematics, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy

Science- Degree required: Biology, Physics

Slacker- No degree required

Adventurer- No degree required

Journalism- Degree required: Any degree

Education- Degree required:  Any degree

Musician- Degree required:  Art, Drama  This requires a degree, because the degree counts as training, learning music theory, extra experience on their instrument and so on

Law- Degree required: Mathematics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Economics, Literature

Gamer: No degree required

Paranormal: No degree required

Artist- Degree required- Art, Drama, Philosophy  Once again, this degree requires training because it counts as training.

Natural Scientist- Degree required: Physics, Biology, History, Literature, Philosophy

Show Business- No degree required

Intelligence- Degree required: Psychology, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Biology, Physics, Literature, Economics, Philosophy

Oceanography- Degree required: Biology, Physics, Literature, History

Architecture- Degree required: Mathematics

Entertainment- No degree required

Dancer- Degree required: Art, Drama  This counts as training, once again.

Any resident with a degree is allowed to work in a career that doesn’t require a degree, and will receive a higher pay because of their degree (+$500 for Bachelor, +$1,000 for Masters, +$2,000 for Doctorate)

For jobs requiring degrees, some careers may require higher level degrees before advancement

Highest Level Possible With Bachelor Level Degrees:

Dancer- Aerobics Instructor-World Class Ballet Dancer

Architecture- Cement Mixer-Architect’s apprentice

Oceanography-Fish Chummer-Marine Biologist

Intelligence-  Gumshoe-Rookie Field Agent

Natural Science- Ratkeeper-Rogue Botanist

Artist- Canvas Stretcher-Visionary

Law- File Clerk-Paralegal

Musician- Record Store Clerk-Rock God

Education- Playground Monitor-University Guest Lecturer

Journalism- Yearbook Club Supervisor-Media Magnate

Science- Test Subject-Project Leader

Politics- Campaign Worker-City Council Member

Medical- Nursing Home Attendant-Intern

Law Enforcement- Security Guard-Vice Squad

Business- Mailroom Technician-Junior Executive


1. Money trees and counterfitting machines are illegal, 3 months to 3 years in Jail

2. Bubble Blowers ( Or shall we say bubble bongs) are illegal, scentance decided by judge

3. Criminal Work, Any kind, three years to life

4. Petty theft, 1 day to 1 year depending on severity

5. Cheating (For use in University only) of any kind will result in immediate academic probation, and a second count of cheating will result in immediate expulsion


Taxes will be payed every four years starting Round 8 (1998) and will be collected by the head of financial services.  All taxes collected will go into the budget, which will be available for public viewing after tax collection.

All residents are required to pay 10% of their total household worth + any money in bank accounts + household funds.  Residents can claim deductions if they fall under these guidelines:

$1,500 deduction for dependents (Children under the age of 18, University students under the age of 22, or a non-working elder)

$2,000 deduction for farming families, as this helps enrich the community

$1,000 deduction for home ownership (no loans or renting)

$1,500 deduction for married couples

$2,000 deduction for running your own business, as this too, helps to enrich the community

(Once again, major props to Sullivan Sims for her awesome tax system, without it, I would be totally lost, and my Sims would be woefully rich 🙂  )


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Welcome to Ardania, a blog about my The Sims 2 town, Ardania. Ardania is a large town, sparsely populated at the moment, save for a few couples. This blog will follow their lives, and hopefully, their future generations.

The rules are pretty simple: In each round, all of the families will be played once, with each round lasting one year (divided into seasons using the Seasons EP).

Most of my Custom Content is from , , , and  If you need any other help finding CC for your game, go to and check out her Custom Content list, she has a really comprehensive list, and lots of great links to really good sites!

For more information, check out my Rules and Regulation Page at the top of the screen!

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