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Fall Birthdays: Round 8

There are a lot of birthdays this Fall, so lets get started!

Turning one this fall is Rachel Andelique (Barrett).

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Dog Days Are Over: Straight, Round 7, Spring

Nora Straight is 30, Alon Straight is 35, Reece Straight is 4, Avery, Eliza, Hal, and Giovanni Straight are 2

Narrated by Nora Straight

Even though the quad’s are entering their so called “terrible two’s” they seem to be getting a little bit more manageable!  They’re very content to just have you hold them, and Hal especially loves to be played with in his parent’s arms.

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School Days: Ardania Public Elementary School, Round 7

Teachers are John Ralston, Kalista Sills, and Amber Bachele

Carla Fief, Madin Ferena, Marco Visenz, Laura Visenz, and Sam Ralston are 9, Rhett Marshall, Clifton Gates, Chesna Gates, Lizzie Ralston, Maven Regin, and Lise Ferena are 5, Vera Marshall and Reece Straight are 4

The morning starts as normal, and once the bell rings, the students are ushered into their separate classrooms.

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It’s That Birthday Time of Year: Spring Birthdays, Round 6

Reece Straight is four years old now!

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Absolutely Normal Chaos: Straight, Round 6, Winter

Nora Straight is 29, Alon Straight is 34, Reece Straight is 3, Avery, Eliza, Giovanni, and Hal Straight are 1

Narrated by Nora Straight

This has what my life has come down to: changing diapers nearly 50 billion times a day.  At least Reece is 3 and he’ll be starting pre-school next year, then things won’t be quite as chaotic.

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Tour of Ardania

So, basically, this is just because I really really didn’t want to do the Straight update right now, but I wanted to put something up, so: Ta-da!  Tour of Ardania, next I’ll do the University, and then my new sister neighborhood Calinloch, where a few of the families are already living.

First, there’s Ardania as a whole.  I went a bit tree crazy, as you can see 🙂

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I Don’t Think They Planned This… : Straight, Round 5, Summer

Nora Straight is 28, Alon Straight is 34, Reece Straight is  1

****** Background, Round 4, Spring*******

Nora smiled as she cuddled Reece to herself.  Soon he’d have a little brother or sister, she and Alon were expecting again.  She was unbelievably happy.

*********** Real Time (Round 5, Summer) ***********

Her stomach hurt like … well, she’d rather not say that word.  Apparently, she and Alon were super fertile, because Nora was expecting Quadruplets.  As in four.  At once.  And it hurt like heck.

In four months, her stomach was huge.  And it hurt, a lot.  Her water broke suddenly, while she was in the bathroom.

Hands grasping her uterus in agony, she screamed.  “Alon!  We need to go to the hospital, now!”

A few days later, Reece was clutching his father’s shoulder tightly.

“Where Mama?”  Alon sighed.  How could you explain the hospital to a one year old?

“Mama’s very sick, she’s going to get better soon though, and then you can see your little brothers and sisters.”

Reece buried his head into Alon’s shoulder, sobs wracking his tiny frame.

“Want Mama!”  He cried.

All Alon could do was pat his sons tiny back, trying to soothe him.  He wanted Nora back too, but she was in recovery in emergency care.  They had thought they could handle two under two, but five?  It was a good thing he had a large and steady income.

“Mama will be home soon, Reece.  Soon.”


  • So… I don’t know how, but you know that triplets/quads hack?  I got it, because I wanted triplets, and I figured the odds of quads were so low, it wouldn’t even happen, right?
  • WRONG!!!!!!!!!
  • I looked at the pregnancy scanner and it was all “Nora Straight is pregnant with Alon Straight’s baby, number expected: FOUR!!!!”
  • So then I was all, well, if someone was carrying this many babies, they most likely wouldn’t make it full term, so there you have it!  Premature!
  • It was two boys and two girls, and they all look like clones so far, both boys with Alon’s skin tone, and both girls with Nora’s, and all with black hair (duh)
  • The names of the quads are: Avery, Giovanni, Eliza, and Hal

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