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The Reynolds-Reynolds Wedding

It’s finally the day of the wedding!  Taja gives Christina a little kiss on the cheek before heading out the yard where she’ll be getting married.  The kids will just have to hold their own for an hour or so!

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The Visenz-Long Wedding

Written by Logan Gates

Saturday evening, two residents of Ardania, Kaylee Visenz and Benjamin Long, were married in a quaint home ceremony at their home in Ardania.

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The Sills-Ferena Wedding: Round 5, Winter

Avram Sills and Kalista Ferena are 19

They meet under the wedding arch, no one is in their seats yet.  She can’t believe it’s happening, neither can he.  It’s all so much of a whirlwind thing… they’ve only known each-other for a year and half, yet they are already engaged, and caring for triplets… she’s so nervous though, is she making the right decision?  Avram stokes her chin softly, consoling her.

“It’s going to be fine.  Trust me, I don’t slick my hair back for just anything.”  He tells her.  She smiles, that dreamy smile he’s in love with.  He’s glad she tried out contacts, they make her look even more gorgeous.

He kisses her tenderly.

“Just think, in a few hours, you’ll be Mrs. Sills.”  The thought gives her butterflies, but happy butterflies.  Her parents have stayed together this long, and they were married when her mom was just 17.

Everyone begins to gather outside, Kalista’s whole family is there except for her little sister Lise, who’s too young for the trip out to the college.  Tyler came, and brought his friend Micah, who in turn brought his girlfriend Ellissen.  Her old college room-mates are there as well.  Avram’s parents couldn’t manage the drive, and sent them their best wishes from afar.

They are under the alter again, but this time for real.

“Ready?”  Avram asks her.  He’s so excited, he can practically feel himself buzzing.

Phillip gives Avram his famous death stare.  Quite un-nerving.

And it begins.  Kalista can feel her heart beating outside of her chest, swelling with love and nervousness.

He slides the ring onto her finger first.  She can’t believe that she’s smiling this wide.

And she slides the ring onto his finger.  It is done.

“Now, and forever.”  He whispers, as they pat their hands onto eachothers.

“Now and forever.”  She replies.

They kiss, and for a moment, they are in bliss, perfect unity.  They are two, yet one.  Now and forever.

Tyler’s friend starts to clap first,

Tyler soon follows, along with her old roommate Parker, and Micah’s friend’s girlfriend.

Phillip stands, a smile on his face.  He’s happy.  One down, three to go.

Marietta joins in too.  She’s so proud of her daughter.

The day progresses, and Kalista and Avram keep shooting each other goofy grins.

He cuts a large slice of cake, and she feels nervous for the first time.  Please, oh please, don’t let him push it in her face.

He doesn’t, he feeds her a bite gently.

“I love you.”  She says.

“I love you too.”  He whispers.

The reception goes well, Marietta sits with her daughter proudly.

They hold hands on the table, grinning at each other stupidly.

Not even Phillip’s crazy stares can ruin their day.

This is the beginning of the rest of their lives.  And it’s such a great start.


  • Oh my gosh, aren’t they just gorgeous!  I love how they look, I wish I could keep her hair that way 😛  Avram cleans up nicely, doesn’t he!
  • I love these two, they’re so adorable.  Her dress was perfect for her, simple, yet elegant… and Avram was just Avram
  • Also, I just wanted to say thanks so much for reading!  Today, Ardania reached 2,000 views!  Thanks for reading, it makes me feel really good about what I’m doing!

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