Clifton Gates

Name: Clifton Gates

Age: 5

Parents: Logan Gates and Amanda Gates

Siblings: Micah Gates (half-brother), Chesna Gates (twin), Eve Gates, Emmaline Gates

Stats: 9-2-6-3-5

Aspiration: Grow Up

Partner: N/A

Career: N/A

Education: Ardania Public Elementary School

Previous Life Stage Photos:


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    Ardania said,

    […] 24, 2010 · Filed under Ardania, Gates, Round 6 Logan Gates is 38, Amanda Gates is 33, Clifton and Chesna Gates are […]

  2. 2

    […] Fief, Madin Ferena, Marco Visenz, Laura Visenz, and Sam Ralston are 9, Rhett Marshall, Clifton Gates, Chesna Gates, Lizzie Ralston, Maven Regin, and Lise Ferena are 5, Vera Marshall and Reece Straight […]

  3. 3

    […] · Filed under Ardania, Gates, ROS, Round 7 Logan Gates is 39, Amanda Gates is 34, Chesna and Clifton Gates are 5, Eve and Emmaline Gates are 6 […]

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